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Meaning of Life – current philosophizations

Tree of life mural in progress by Daz Lartist Peoria 9 17 2018
Tree of life – mural in progress by Daz Lartist Peoria Illinois 9 17 2018

The Meaning of Life – current philosophizations!

This is just my interpretation of the reason why us humans exist. I do not believe we are monkeys who evolved or that we became humans by some chance confluence of events involving random atoms in space. I am also not a fundamentalist of any religious sect – I think all religions have a nugget of truth but are diluted with mumbo-jumbo bullshit and are mostly ran by people who are often corrupted by their own power.

So basically, the two official reasons (text book science and religion) that are taught to us from an early age in schools (over and over) and generally accepted by the majority of society as truth – I actually disagree with, but I can explain why I disagree with the mainstream education in somewhat clear language and can even use metaphors from within our shared culture. Luckily many people, a lot of them more intelligent and learned than I, have already done the research I needed to come to my conclusion of why we are humans who ask why!

A friend asked me to send them some YouTube video suggestions, as they, like many of us are finding that opening our minds to these alternate viewpoints of reality scratches an itch that other endeavors do not. There will be several videos that I think are worth watching posted at the end of the post with a couple of others mixed in.

So, why are we humans? Because this is the form the universe took when it decided to learn about itself. The universe is a consciousness with curiosity, humor and love as well as cruelty, selfishness and other imperfections – not a vast almost empty wasteland that only NASA and the Pope with his giant telescope know the secrets of. You cannot see yourself without a mirror to reflect your image back to you – you and I are the mirrors of the universe. The universe is playing us as children play with dolls.

We are all born as unique viewpoints of the universe in the guise of biological machines with physical and mental attributes. The time and the location of our birth (and perhaps of our conception) puts a unique template into us that I believe subtly influences everything we experience. As the same groups of stars revolve in a predictable cycle the combination of their energy affects us in different ways. Religions and text-book science dismiss astrology as being superstitious bullshit or something to be shunned but it was the driving force for much of the ancient world and thus worth considering as having some truth to it.

Our unique selves start with an astrological template and like a role playing game such as D&D you have strength, dexterity, charisma, wisdom, etc and they are all determined by a certain amount of ‘dice’ to be cast to get the number of the stat(istic). Some people get more ‘dice’ to roll than others to determine a particular stat and while it is unlikely that you will max out on all your stats – you do get to re-roll those dice during your lifetime.

By means of an example look at Arnold Schwartzenegger – he came close to getting the maximum score on his physical self with his dedication to body building. When he had achieved that goal he used a conscious effort to become a movie star and then an even more improbable career as a public servant. As a movie star he had less dice to throw to get that maximum potential than someone ‘born to act’ like Sean Connery but he re-rolled those dice until they were maxed out to become an acting legend anyway.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - artist!
Our fellow human being Arnold isn’t afraid to try things. We know his impressive legacy. Here he not only brings attention to the growing homelessness problem but life in general and all with a sense of humor. A lesser man wouldn’t have attempted this level of art!

Soul, spirit, divine consciousness –whatever you want to call it is what the physical and mental self resides within (even though it might feel like it must be located within the body). You are not only the character in the game – you are the one who created the game and then decided it would be fun to forget you set the game up in the first place. This is why weird unexplained stuff happens that we label paranormal: we don’t really want all the mysteries explained as life would have a less magical feeling and the idea of luck wouldn’t be so enjoyable when you experience it (but – spoiler alert! it’s all you – you, the divine consciousness, set up the circumstances so that you, the person, would get the maximum experience from them – good and bad are just your interpretation of those circumstances so trust that there is a reason for them).

Knowing all the ‘truth’ about reality is not necessary to ‘winning’ the game – only participating in the game is required to ‘win’. Although you have the free will to stop playing – that shouldn’t be the choice you make unless it is the ultimate act of being ‘you‘. For example if you were born under the stars that made you naturally brave and heroic and one day there came a choice where you had to risk death to save a group of innocent people – it would never be wrong to rush straight in to save them because that is who you are – and if you died there is no failure as you were being you.

RISING SUN, Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, 1993.
Sean Connery is himself regardless of the role he plays!

The purpose of life is simply to find out who you are and be that as the universe wants your unique viewpoint on the consensus reality. You win by being you – there are no goals beyond unlocking the puzzle of yourself. How come you are not already you? Well, where’s the challenge in that right? 🙂 How you play the game is up to you but it is a game and this reality isn’t any more real than a dream – it just feels real compared to a dream.

How real is “real” anyway when you lose yourself in a movie or a book – you know it’s fiction but your brain is experiencing the interpretation of the fiction as (temporary) realityyou can’t appreciate the art of narrative fiction without interpreting it as ‘real’ – it’s why the human brain is the way it is – it’s designed to make you live simultaneously in multiple personas – not as some kind of flawed control mechanism that teeters on the verge of schizophrenia when the imagination is stimulated – no! You multi-task who you are – it’s designed to let you experience other facets of yourself – and in a nutshell, it’s just more fun this way!

Joe vs the Volcano
Ossie Davis (as Marshall) imparts the only wisdom that matters – only you can define who you are.

You are already perfect – deal with it. Maybe you aren’t the hero type or a glamorous movie star but we are all perfectly equal in that our individual honest opinions of what we experience matters – and that is all that matters. Whatever circumstance happens you just have to interpret it with your feelings and make conscious choices to steer things the way you want them to go. Right and wrong are just interpretations not absolutes.

There is no pressure to reach some type of goal – all that type of stuff puts you outside of the now moment – and there IS only now. The now is flavored by what your brain is thinking but the past doesn’t exist and the future doesn’t exist they are just abstract concepts that influence your now moment.

Why carry baggage around from somewhere that doesn’t exist – if you have feelings of shame then acknowledge what caused that to happen and don’t do it again and if you prefer a different circumstance then work towards it – but don’t stop being you in the now as some kind of punishment or sacrifice for you in the then.

You have a ‘shadow self‘ – deal with it. Find out what lurks in your dark side and accept it. We have an imagination to be used as a tool to allow our dark sides to be explored without jeopardizing our safety or freedoms. No need to feel guilty about it just don’t let your shadow self overcome your conscious self or you could lose track of who you really are.

The key is balance. We have a great reminder of balance in our lives – the sun and the moon, night and day, sleep and awake etc. Those less than admirable thoughts and feelings you have are just the balance for your amazing main self but you have to have a shadow just as you have to sleep at some point or you will go insane.

The sun casts more light than the moon does just as your shadow self casts less influence on your actions than your main self – but there are cycles of influence and you are more susceptible to the influence of your shadow self at certain times such as drinking alcohol, being in a war situation or even being the subject of public attention.

Anyway, here are some videos I find fascinating – not exactly the same topic as what I was talking about above – but on my journey to find out who I am I have found that unravelling the mysteries is part of who I am (and probably you too)!

This one is slow to start but keep with it! This video gives evidence that sedimentary rock may NOT be millions of years old after all! Coal may NOT be millions of years old etc. ‘Rock cut temples’ may actually be stone structures covered with rock deposited from volcanos that ancient civilizations then excavated – fascinating!

Sadly, it’s no coincidence that the fact that space as shown by NASA that looks the same as Star Trek TV shows – it’s all CGI. Even the math used to describe our relationship to other objects we can see in the sky is not as accurate as you might want to believe.



On being a nerd as well as an artist!

Daz Lartist I AM ART you are as well

I know that you all see me as a modern day cool as fuck punk rock Renaissance man world famous artist, zen master and hunk of manly beef candy but the core this persona is built upon on that of a humble nerd.

As a young child I would go for long walks with my dad and we would look for archeological treasures in the English countryside. I wanted to be an archeologist long before Indiana Jones existed but the idea of it being a job never registered with me. Digging up treasures for study seemed as normal a part of life as expressing your self through art. Discovery of history and of reality is our innate right as humans!

I was in the computer club by the time I graduated high school in 1984 and even bought an Apple IIc in 1985 which cost twice as much as the gaming laptop I’m writing this on! I basically only ever wanted to write stories, make art and play games on computers though.

I consciously became a dedicated artist (long before I ever saw a computer) because I was energized by my fellow home-made comic book collaborators Richard, Mark and Edward and we were inspired by the great British comics Starlord and 2000AD et al. Things like sentient robots and space aliens were utterly believable to me and when you combined that with the action of war it was complete magic! Fuck you Robo-Hitler!  eat laser-lead *blam blam blam*!

2000AD ABC Warriors

I went to college to further my love of art after I briefly dipped my toe into war. Luckily my honorable discharge from the military was during a rare time of peace (right before the first Gulf war). Being a nerd my imagination was always way into the realm of fantasy but college, while it had it’s share of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, wasn’t as hedonistic as much as it showed me that I really just wanted a regular monogamous life with quiet time to think about things. I’d rather piece together the secrets of the ancient world and uncover the origins of man than live the life of a playboy.

art school pulp novel cover

I’m so much of a nerd that I play World of Warcraft aka WOW. It’s a part of the balance between work, chores, art, my relationship with Hollye, my physical and mental heath, spirituality and recreation.

World of Warcraft - War of The Thorns
World of Warcraft – War of The Thorns event. My troll beast master hunter is not amused at the burning of the world tree.

This modern world allows me to do my mundane chores and bodily functions while indulging in entertainment – you know, watching YouTube while pooping or making breakfast! I watch video game videos, philosophical talks by folks like Alan Watts and cutting edge science and investigation documentaries like the one below that blew me away. Don’t click it yet, let me explain why it appeals to me!

I remember being displeased with being forced to take a class called Earth Science in college; it was mandatory and I learned nothing new from it. It was the same old – here’s the crust here’s the mantle here’s the molten core that we can’t actually prove but you better answer this test with it being a fact or you will fail the class. The same stuff I had already learned in grade school but now I was paying someone to say I knew it – and how did it matter anyway if I went to college to be an artist – at least teach me something I didn’t already know.

Mainstream science kept telling me and people like WaykiWayki who made that fine video above that certain things we saw, felt and experienced were actually impossible –  which makes no sense but we were just supposed to be ok with it. Sorry, but I’m a nerd, I can’t just be ok with something that is anachronous – time travel and aliens were ok answers for my younger self but they don’t feel right to my grown up nerd self.

Remember these anachronous objects below that are impossible if we believe mainstream science? Well, now we have an explanation that not only makes sense but feels right. Finally, after 12 years of pre-college and six years of college – I have answers!

anachronous hammer in solid rock

anachronous object in solid rock
I copied those items from http://www.messagetoeagle.com/11-extraordinary-out-of-place-artifacts/

Here’s another thing that I was taught over and over that never felt right – all those amazing temples and buildings supposedly carved out of solid rock – well now we have a much more plausible explanation in that same video no less! Maybe the buildings are older than we think and maybe that rock doesn’t take millions of years to form – at least consider the possibility before saying “it’s impossible”.

Kailasa India

Of course it feels wrong to believe that people just started carving a gigantic temple from the top down out of solid rock! That rock is not 300 million years old! The temple was built like other stone buildings of the time then lava covered it and then they dug it out – how come this idea wasn’t even considered as a possibility? Oh yeah, aliens, I forgot.

Archaeologists Baffled By The Kailasa Temple
Archaeologists Baffled By The Kailasa Temple (because the idea that it was built in the regular way and then covered with lava and then excavated, you know, like what archeologists do, is too difficult for them to understand)!

Jay and Silent Bob and science

I love archeology – I wrote about Gobekle Tepe the other week but I find that my mental health also needs escapist entertainment of a different genre too!

Gale Breaking Bad - super nerd!

I spent all day, on and off, watching that geology video and making this blog post. I exercised with weights for a bit, enjoyed the company of my awesome girlfriend Hollye and played a little bit of WOW too. I’m just a nerd! Oh and of course I love Devo!

I added some free hand painted dandelion seeds to my Studio C mural on sunday – I will be adding more later! They are adding disco lights to make the place even more of an experience!

Mural at Studio C Peoria with dandelion seeds! by Daz Lartist
Mural at Studio C Peoria with dandelion seeds! by Daz Lartist

We are all Dr. Frankenstein!

Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix
The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix – does Sean Bean die? You’ll have to watch and see!

Hollye and I are watching The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix – this is to her what The man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime is to me – about the coolest thing ever! Sure I like Sean Bean and British detective series with a scandalous hint of horror, not as much as Hollye does though but that’s cool, totally cool, we are all unique perspectives of the universe!

The idea of sewing together body parts and bringing them to life was not invented by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley who not only wrote Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus but lived a life of ‘gothic’ romance and tragedy. The idea of bringing the dead to life as a creation was well underway thousands of years before the Era of Frankenstein.

We know that the Italian Renaissance was the rebirth of the classical art of the ancient Greeks. By a change in philosophy allowed by a middle class of merchants who rose to power and influence – lost understanding of the ancients Greeks was regained including the idea that mankind was a machine that God, an artist, breathed life into.

Emulating God by re-creating the beauty of the human form in art and by repairing the machine in medicine was a way to honor God in many of their eyes – it definitely was to Michelangelo. Drawings of individual body parts for study is a tool for both doctors and artists who work with the figure.

The relationship between artists and physicians during the Renaissance (roughly 1300 to 1600) was symbiotic. Artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, who were interested in exacting the human form in their art, observed physicians at work to learn the layers of muscle and bone structures that formed certain parts of the body. (from here)

Libyan Sibyl Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo
Libyan Sibyl Sistine Chapel fresco and the chalk on paper figure study by Michelangelo

I (like millions of people in the past half a millennium) still find fascination in the monumental art work in the Sistine Chapel and the process of how it happened. Going from an idea to a sketch to a finished masterpiece it is probably the most researched and documented art project ever.

We all know that our friend Michelangelo thought the male body was more fascinating that the female one and many, if not most, of his paintings of women started as sketches of his male models. I wonder if the very female face on the Delphic Sibyl was inspired by a person he knew?

Michelangelo Delphic Sibyl Sistine Chapel

We, in the modern world, do not find anything creepy about a sketch book full of unconnected body parts or an anatomy text book – they are just tools.

Using individual sketches (or parts of photographs) to make art is typical practice (remember that our friend Edgar Degas was an early adopter of this method) and with the age of Photoshop we pretty much understand that what we see in media has been manipulated to show it’s best side at the very least – if not a complete fabrication!

1950's cowgirl pin up art and photo reference by Gil Elvgren
1950’s cowgirl pin up art and photo reference by Gil Elvgren

Gil Elvgren’s paintings are perhaps the apotheosis of the Pin-Up genre and his works command the highest price amongst collectors today. Like Art Frahm he often painted silly scenes of girls accidentally revealing their underwear, but his jokes are wittier, his brush strokes more expert and his girls more gorgeous. Elvgren apparently claimed that the ideal Pin-Up model had a 15-year-old’s face on a 20-year-old’s body, which is the sort of thing you could say in the 1940s without being thought creepy. That quote may be apocryphal but he did base most of his paintings on the model Myrna Hansen, who started working for him when she was just 13 (chaperoned by her mother, it must be said). (from here)

One thing that I have found in painting is that working directly from photographs can leave the work looking generic (Degas being the major exception it seems) – I mean you can’t deny the success of modern figure painters like Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell – they took what Michelangeo started and added their creativity which is fine, it’s lovely and awesome but in my opinion they fall into the trap that William-Adolphe Bouguereau did – there’s a limit to ‘perfection’ and if you go beyond it then you lose something human about the experience of the art. It can be perfect in every way and still not be ‘good’!

William Bouguereau - Nymphs and Satyr
William Bouguereau – Nymphs and Satyr – it’s perfect in every way but it’s still lacking in something that only a human being can feel as true art! (this artist was one of the assholes who dissed the Impressionists as he couldn’t understand how their ‘sloppy’ work could be viewed as “fine art” compared to his perfection of the baroque style. I’m sorry man, we all like tits and ass, don’t get me wrong, but you aren’t putting your soul into this work – we can feel it – there is a difference – it’s nice art, better than I could ever do probably and it shows the glory of God with the beautiful figures, it carries on the fine tradition of quality that the Renaissance started – in text book terms you should be the greatest painter ever and you were back in your day to your fans but you are a jackhole and Claude Monet is waay cooler than you, and besides, they have this new invention called the camera now so people can take their own pics of boobs and don’t need your pretty porn any more – perfection is not enough sir!

Simply copying where the light and shadow falls is possible but a mere transference of a captured image verbatim into to paint on a canvas isn’t enough – that’s why The Impressionists blew away the realist painters and now those former ‘top of charts’ artists are barely remembered at all except for art nerds like me.

You have to skew your viewpoint and add your personality to the art to make it more than a just a copy – you have to breathe life into it! It has to be you, be infused with your consciousness – you can’t just scientifically make great art in a lab – you cannot be outside of it!

Allegory of Abundance mural in progress by Daz Lartist
Allegory of Abundance mural in progress by Daz Lartist

Painting directly from your imagination with no references allows a freedom and flexibility that makes it more fun! Sure, you may not reach the level of anatomical accuracy that Michelangelo did but why would you want to when you can surprise yourself with something that is unique and equally interesting to look at?

I suggest to allow your mind to piece together the bits and pieces of things that are stored away then trust that your hand will put the paint where it needs to be.

Hey, I know Vincent van Gogh was the ‘good one’ and has a special place in our hearts but I’m way more into the painting theories of Paul Gauguin.

Rather than painting a naturalistic representation of observed reality, Paul Gauguin and his followers at Pont Aven aimed to create art that combined (or synthesised) the subject-matter with the artist’s feelings about the subject and the aesthetic concerns of line, colour and form. As Maurice Denis observed in 1890:

It is well to remember that a picture before being a battle horse, a nude woman, or some anecdote, is essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order. (from here)

We all synthesize reality from the memories and expectations that we have about what we experience – we are all basically Dr. Frankenstein trying to breathe life into a bunch of separate parts we join together in some sense of order – so let’s own it and celebrate it!

My love Hollye is writing a novel in serialized form with a Frankenstein theme on her blog and you can catch up with this really well written and readable novella by starting here! https://hollyebgreen.com/2018/07/29/novella-frankensister-chapter-1-fiction/

My friend Jeff makes the best monster art on the planet right now! Support a cool indy artist by finding his art and buying a whole bunch of it (it’s everywhere – search Ebay!)

Mani-yack Frankenstein and THEY LIVE by Jeff Carlson
Mani-yack Frankenstein and THEY LIVE by Jeff Carlson





The world of smell

Smell is a vibration that animals experience far more richly that humans do. I was thinking of this as I randomly swirled this art tonight!

The world of smell by Daz Lartist
The world of smell by Daz Lartist
Dubbo critter by Daz Lartist
Dubbo critter by Daz Lartist

Below are the latest phases of my murals at Studio C in Peoria Illinois.

Dandelion allegory mural -by Daz Lartist
Dandelion allegory mural -by Daz Lartist
Mermaid mural - by Daz Lartist
Mermaid mural – by Daz Lartist
Studio C Peoria mural by Daz Lartist
Studio C Peoria mural by Daz Lartist

Art inspired by our bird feeder!

We have a bird feeder outside of our kitchen window that is visited by dozens of birds daily and they spill over seeds for other critters! Everyone wins!

Bird seed love liquify filter art by Daz Lartist
Bird seed love liquify filter art by Daz Lartist
Tiny bunny!
Tiny bunny!

Here’s me by the mural I worked on today! It’ll probably take a couple more sessions to finish it up!

Daz Lartist Studio C mural July 15 2018
Daz Lartist Studio C mural July 15 2018

The 2010s – when we suddenly discovered all these lost masterpieces

So it’s been a long long time since the Italian Renaissance but because they were such good artists we still are fascinated by them.

The Salvator Mundi painting suddenly went from being considered ‘a copy of maybe a Leonardo original’ to it IS a Leonardo lost masterpiece which resulted in someone suddenly making tens of millions of dollars because of the change of opinion by the ‘experts’. I want to know how much do those ‘experts’ get paid? If they say ‘yes’ do they get a bonus by a grateful investor – come on, what world do you live in if you think they aren’t pressured to simply say “yes – it’s authentic” – after all, if you bribe enough people who the hell would ever know the truth?

In my opinion the Salvator Mundi is a weak painting that looks like at least two different artists worked on it – maybe the first one was our ‘Dandy from Milan’ as Michelangelo called him!

And now we have this one below, luckily there is much more evidence that this could be authentic – I would love to see the end result!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sforza_Castle

Daily Mail article about the famed mural painted by Leonardo at the Sforza castle in Milan Italy - will it be uncovered finally?
Daily Mail article about the famed mural painted by Leonardo at the Sforza castle in Milan Italy – will it be uncovered finally?

Below is my attempt to make less boring that lameo painting that went from being a copy to worth 450 million dollars!

Sativa Mundi (parody art by Daz Lartist)
Sativa Mundi (parody art by Daz Lartist)

Paint it Payne’s grey!

Mural in progress by Daz Lartist - using mostly Payne's Grey and white oil paint!
Mural in progress by Daz Lartist – using mostly Payne’s Grey and white oil paint!

I was born in 1966 at the same time The Rolling Stones released the song Paint It Black in the UK and right before Revolver by The Beatles took music in a whole new direction. The Doors were signed that year too and even the Fugs had an album out. It was the beginning of a new phase in the musical arts, darker and more real; it was the precursor to punk rock and it was the soundtrack of the wave I was born on.

In terms of the visual arts the master illustrator Maxfield Parish died right before I was born. His phenomenally beautiful work seemed quite antiquated compared with a time where even Life magazine was curious about a whole other visual world entirely.

1966 LIFE magazine cover
1966 LIFE magazine cover

Right as I was born, young men my parents age were being drafted to go kill other people for a political difference they barely understood – and the cool people in society were pissed off about it. That righteous indignation spawned zine art that my generation massed produced with Xerox machines and carried over to the Photoshop made digital paintings I make (the liquefy filter). I’ve made a lot in color but somehow the monochromatic ones seem to have the most visual depth.

Consciously Decide Your Judgement -Photoshop liquify filter art
Consciously Decide Your Judgement -Photoshop liquify filter art

I made the above art as a flyer with the following text on the other side (yeah, you probably won’t get it either but that’s cool – it’s art baby)!


Pearl liquid by Daz Lartist
Pearl liquid by Daz Lartist
Landscape with Donkeys 1798 by William Payne circa 1776-circa 1830
Warning! Looking up artist biographies online can be depressing – use discretion when you want to learn more about an artist – you might just want to look at the art and be inspired instead!
Everyone Likes Hot Dogs! Click to read this great blog by Hollye B Green!
Everyone Likes Hot Dogs! Click to read this great blog by Hollye B Green!

Giant gray cat oil painting removable mural! 

Grey cat oil painting installed inside the house!! Oil on canvas (cut out) by Daz Lartist.
Grey cat oil painting installed inside the house!! Oil on canvas (cut out) by Daz Lartist.
Gray cat oil painting by Daz Lartist
Gray cat oil painting by Daz Lartist. While still in progress in the garage studio. Oil paint on canvas 9ft by 5 ft.
Our central art room – Hollye B Green and Daz Lartist August 2017 (murals by Daz Lartist)

My girlfriend Hollye asked me to draw a grey cat this afternoon as she has an awesome blog post of her own about such an animal! I said “l will paint you one!!”

Daz Lartist working on grey cat mural
Daz Lartist working on grey cat mural 2017 garage studio (I painted over the other mural as meh it stopped being fun to do)

This is basically how I prefer to paint, air guitaring and grubby as hell!!

You can’t see it as it is tiny, but I have a home made tattoo on my ankle of a grey cat who was my friend from when I lived in Florida!

I find that it is preferable to turn my mind off and let my soul/higher self guide my hand when I paint. I set an intention such as “I will paint you a dragon Shawn!” or “I will paint you a grey cat Hollye!” and then I’m a rock star on stage and the magic happens. I do not “think” as using your brain stops your soul from flowing through your body I feel! (I have found that this is exactly what Alan Watts is talking about as a basic principle of success in his talks about zen)

I often listen to classic heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest when I paint and air guitar furiously between the brush strokes. This has the effect of being a work out as well as a painting session! Losing myself in the process is best way to ensure that I am not influenced by fears or ego. My body is the channel for the art, my brain/ego ensures that I do not hurt myself but I leave all the planning to my higher self/soul.

Wait For Fred! An awesome blog post by Hollye B Green
Wait For Fred! An awesome blog post by Hollye B Green!

Fleeing horses and dragon murals

Not everything flows in zen like fashion in the wonderful world of art! I have the intention of painting a dragon mural for my friend Shawn and will, but it seems I’m taking the long way to do it! I started with the sea monster painting (in the other post linked here) and decided I could do something similar for Shawn and then I painted the one below – imagining that the dragon was blasting the poor horses! It wasn’t very dragony though oops need another dozen feet of wall space to make that work!

Blasted by a dragon horses! a oil paint muraflage (mural on canvas) by Daz Lartist
Garage studio June 2017 Daz Lartist
Garage studio June 2017 mural started (again) – Daz Lartist
Fleeing horse by Daz Lartist
Fleeing horse oil on canvas by Daz Lartist

I then added in the background for the horse and started on the dragon.

Daz Lartist with dragon mural started!
Daz Lartist with dragon mural started!
Dragon mural in progress by Daz Lartist
Dragon mural in progress by Daz Lartist

I ultimately started over (again!) on a new piece of canvas over the old one (that already was on top of the sea monster one)! haha!!!

Daz Lartist August 2017 dragon mural re-started
Daz Lartist August 2017 dragon mural re-started – now I’m making it more like a fairy tale with a more sea-monster-esque dragon and a figure instead of the horse!
Daz Lartist - August 2017- garage studio - dragon mural restarted!!!
Daz Lartist – August 2017- garage studio – dragon mural restarted!!!

The art is me doing it – not what is left when I’m done

We know this idea from Jackson Pollock that the paint splatter canvases were the evidence that his art happened but not the actual art itself, that was (technically)  only happening as the paint was flying!

That is how I feel about my large paintings. The following picture is me air-guitaring in front of my Mother Earth mural that I painted on my living room wall a few years ago.

Mother Earth mural by Daz Lartist
Mother Earth mural by Daz Lartist
Living room mural by Daz Lartist
Living room mural by Daz Lartist. Why have a boring white wall? 🙂
Mural detail - girl and guinea pig by Daz Lartist
Mural detail – girl and guinea pig by Daz Lartist (I used to go by Darren Daz Cox but killed that persona off as I needed to grow as a person and as an artist)
Daz Lartist at Speakeasy Art Center (before I continued the mural further down the wall!!)
Daz Lartist at Speakeasy Art Center with my art (before I continued the mural further down the wall – see below for that!!)
Center part of the Speakeasy Art Center mural by Daz Lartist
Center part of the Speakeasy Art Center mural by Daz Lartist

I was thinking of the synergy of artist, model and then viewer of the art the other day. I was also thinking about how people seem to be so harsh on humanity as a whole. We are divinely created and should appreciate this experience! Be thankful! Live in joy for whatever is there, find that divine creative spark in people!

dazlartist.com inspiration! Be an artist - appreciate humanity!
dazlartist.com inspiration! Be an artist – appreciate humanity! I know that the external physical side of us is just the most basic part of people but it’s a starting point. Find the beauty and work with it for the good of mankind!

Thanks Google for indexing all these pics! It is an amusing meta-game to see where each of my pictures ends up on image searches! Will these little pro-artist pictures end up in searches for Peoria Illinois? Can I add pics to an old blog post and have them indexed – if you see these two artist inspiration pics in an image search then that is what happened!

Artist inspiration - appreciate the human as a divine creation!
Artist inspiration as they used to do it back in the 1950s! We should appreciate the human, each human, as a divine creation! Work with our strengths and cultivate an appreciate for our many facets. The easy place to start is with physical beauty, paint a nude and you join the rich tradition of classical artists!