We are all Dr. Frankenstein!

Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix
The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix – does Sean Bean die? You’ll have to watch and see!

Hollye and I are watching The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix – this is to her what The man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime is to me – about the coolest thing ever! Sure I like Sean Bean and British detective series with a scandalous hint of horror, not as much as Hollye does though but that’s cool, totally cool, we are all unique perspectives of the universe!

The idea of sewing together body parts and bringing them to life was not invented by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley who not only wrote Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus but lived a life of ‘gothic’ romance and tragedy. The idea of bringing the dead to life as a creation was well underway thousands of years before the Era of Frankenstein.

We know that the Italian Renaissance was the rebirth of the classical art of the ancient Greeks. By a change in philosophy allowed by a middle class of merchants who rose to power and influence – lost understanding of the ancients Greeks was regained including the idea that mankind was a machine that God, an artist, breathed life into.

Emulating God by re-creating the beauty of the human form in art and by repairing the machine in medicine was a way to honor God in many of their eyes – it definitely was to Michelangelo. Drawings of individual body parts for study is a tool for both doctors and artists who work with the figure.

The relationship between artists and physicians during the Renaissance (roughly 1300 to 1600) was symbiotic. Artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, who were interested in exacting the human form in their art, observed physicians at work to learn the layers of muscle and bone structures that formed certain parts of the body. (from here)

Libyan Sibyl Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo
Libyan Sibyl Sistine Chapel fresco and the chalk on paper figure study by Michelangelo

I (like millions of people in the past half a millennium) still find fascination in the monumental art work in the Sistine Chapel and the process of how it happened. Going from an idea to a sketch to a finished masterpiece it is probably the most researched and documented art project ever.

We all know that our friend Michelangelo thought the male body was more fascinating that the female one and many, if not most, of his paintings of women started as sketches of his male models. I wonder if the very female face on the Delphic Sibyl was inspired by a person he knew?

Michelangelo Delphic Sibyl Sistine Chapel

We, in the modern world, do not find anything creepy about a sketch book full of unconnected body parts or an anatomy text book – they are just tools.

Using individual sketches (or parts of photographs) to make art is typical practice (remember that our friend Edgar Degas was an early adopter of this method) and with the age of Photoshop we pretty much understand that what we see in media has been manipulated to show it’s best side at the very least – if not a complete fabrication!

1950's cowgirl pin up art and photo reference by Gil Elvgren
1950’s cowgirl pin up art and photo reference by Gil Elvgren

Gil Elvgren’s paintings are perhaps the apotheosis of the Pin-Up genre and his works command the highest price amongst collectors today. Like Art Frahm he often painted silly scenes of girls accidentally revealing their underwear, but his jokes are wittier, his brush strokes more expert and his girls more gorgeous. Elvgren apparently claimed that the ideal Pin-Up model had a 15-year-old’s face on a 20-year-old’s body, which is the sort of thing you could say in the 1940s without being thought creepy. That quote may be apocryphal but he did base most of his paintings on the model Myrna Hansen, who started working for him when she was just 13 (chaperoned by her mother, it must be said). (from here)

One thing that I have found in painting is that working directly from photographs can leave the work looking generic (Degas being the major exception it seems) – I mean you can’t deny the success of modern figure painters like Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell – they took what Michelangeo started and added their creativity which is fine, it’s lovely and awesome but in my opinion they fall into the trap that William-Adolphe Bouguereau did – there’s a limit to ‘perfection’ and if you go beyond it then you lose something human about the experience of the art. It can be perfect in every way and still not be ‘good’!

William Bouguereau - Nymphs and Satyr
William Bouguereau – Nymphs and Satyr – it’s perfect in every way but it’s still lacking in something that only a human being can feel as true art! (this artist was one of the assholes who dissed the Impressionists as he couldn’t understand how their ‘sloppy’ work could be viewed as “fine art” compared to his perfection of the baroque style. I’m sorry man, we all like tits and ass, don’t get me wrong, but you aren’t putting your soul into this work – we can feel it – there is a difference – it’s nice art, better than I could ever do probably and it shows the glory of God with the beautiful figures, it carries on the fine tradition of quality that the Renaissance started – in text book terms you should be the greatest painter ever and you were back in your day to your fans but you are a jackhole and Claude Monet is waay cooler than you, and besides, they have this new invention called the camera now so people can take their own pics of boobs and don’t need your pretty porn any more – perfection is not enough sir!

Simply copying where the light and shadow falls is possible but a mere transference of a captured image verbatim into to paint on a canvas isn’t enough – that’s why The Impressionists blew away the realist painters and now those former ‘top of charts’ artists are barely remembered at all except for art nerds like me.

You have to skew your viewpoint and add your personality to the art to make it more than a just a copy – you have to breathe life into it! It has to be you, be infused with your consciousness – you can’t just scientifically make great art in a lab – you cannot be outside of it!

Allegory of Abundance mural in progress by Daz Lartist
Allegory of Abundance mural in progress by Daz Lartist

Painting directly from your imagination with no references allows a freedom and flexibility that makes it more fun! Sure, you may not reach the level of anatomical accuracy that Michelangelo did but why would you want to when you can surprise yourself with something that is unique and equally interesting to look at?

I suggest to allow your mind to piece together the bits and pieces of things that are stored away then trust that your hand will put the paint where it needs to be.

Hey, I know Vincent van Gogh was the ‘good one’ and has a special place in our hearts but I’m way more into the painting theories of Paul Gauguin.

Rather than painting a naturalistic representation of observed reality, Paul Gauguin and his followers at Pont Aven aimed to create art that combined (or synthesised) the subject-matter with the artist’s feelings about the subject and the aesthetic concerns of line, colour and form. As Maurice Denis observed in 1890:

It is well to remember that a picture before being a battle horse, a nude woman, or some anecdote, is essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order. (from here)

We all synthesize reality from the memories and expectations that we have about what we experience – we are all basically Dr. Frankenstein trying to breathe life into a bunch of separate parts we join together in some sense of order – so let’s own it and celebrate it!

My love Hollye is writing a novel in serialized form with a Frankenstein theme on her blog and you can catch up with this really well written and readable novella by starting here! https://hollyebgreen.com/2018/07/29/novella-frankensister-chapter-1-fiction/

My friend Jeff makes the best monster art on the planet right now! Support a cool indy artist by finding his art and buying a whole bunch of it (it’s everywhere – search Ebay!)

Mani-yack Frankenstein and THEY LIVE by Jeff Carlson
Mani-yack Frankenstein and THEY LIVE by Jeff Carlson






Women are more miserable than men??

I read these stories today.




They synchronously matched this Alan Watts lecture I had watched a few hours earlier.

Alan Watts often mentioned the inherent duality of all things – ‘there is no front without the back’ – ‘a wave must have a crest and a trough’ – “sensation is awareness of contrast” yin and yang – you know all this.

I don’t think choosing to love someone of the same sex, or simply being sexually attracted to your own sex creates misery (obviously assuming you are free to do so without harassment or guilt). What I do think is that if you do not socialize with the opposite sex, as equals, then you are not in balance.

A penis in a vagina doesn’t create balance but having common ground with the opposite gender does. Protecting children is a basic common ground concept of adults for example.

I am fortunate to work at an office job where there is pretty good mix of adults. I’m a man and not one of those who has a ‘work wife’ and I’m definitely not looking to find someone to have sex with – been there and done all that and have nothing to prove, but I do find it enjoyable just to have female friends to pass the day with.

My day job involves being the supervisor as in “let me speak to your supervisor”.

I have no problem with independent women. I much prefer a strong willed woman over a clingy dish-rag type but I also don’t judge a woman who says “I need to check with my husband” – that doesn’t sound indecisive – it sounds polite.

What I have found, from talking to people who have troubles enough to want to speak to a supervisor of a manufacturing company,  is that the most miserable people are not the ones who cop an elitist attitude – fuck it, here’s your free shit – I don’t need to get fired over a pissing contest.

No, the most miserable people are the ones who demand that you acknowledge and justify their sense of entitlement. Some women just can’t understand that because they don’t own a set of tools and never learned or practiced basic home maintenance that they will need a friend or family member to help them or they must pay someone to do it!

It’s totally cool if you are a widow or divorced and your husband used to do all the handyman stuff – it’s just how the division of labor worked out in your household. Now, until you find someone else to take over those tasks again, your options are to learn to do it yourself or pay someone to do it. Crying that it’s not fair is pathetic – it’s not appropriate to get all emotional when talking to a stranger – that only works with your daddy and he ain’t me.

Men like all kinds of women in every possible way but it’s a safe bet to say that they don’t want the women they live with to be ‘perfect’ or look like a Playboy model – that’s way too much work and causes stress – be a human with me as I am one.

No relationship can last without balance. If one person puts the other on a pedestal then the other person will probably resent them for that.

If a woman wants to act like a man, that’s totally cool and if a woman wants to rely on her sex appeal then she should have the freedom to do so too –  it doesn’t make the other women complicit. We can all co-exist as adults.

Be happy now, with what you have and who you are. There is nothing more attractive than happiness!

A little bit of sugar can go a long way!

Chocolate motivational poster by Daz Lartist
Chocolate motivational poster by Daz Lartist




Choose one – random mutation or divine being – not choosing is unhealthy for your mind

Animals play by Daz Lartist
Animals play by Daz Lartist

Science (mainstream text book teaching) vs Spiritual – which one do you really believe when it comes to describing who you really are and why you are alive on Earth now?

Many people just think they believe both simultaneously in a wishy-washy grey area of non-committal, after all, modern culture has made this Orwellian doublethink almost de riguer.

faith not quite as effective as bullet-proof glass

Even the spokesmodels for the epitome of ‘the triumph of science’ aka ‘astronauts who walked on the moon’ were mostly all members of masonic lodges and freemasons require a belief in a ‘Supreme Being’ for members!

Freemasonry strongly encourages its members to belong to an established religion, although that is not a requirement for membership (only that a candidate profess a belief in a Supreme Being). (from here)

I am not espousing any ‘conspiracy theories’ on this blog post as I wrote all my feelings on that idea on this other blog post (if you want to go down that rabbit hole with me).

I do want to use this dichotomy of fundamental ideas to help us clarify what we actually do believe – as you can’t simultaneously be ‘a random mutation in an infinite and expanding universe that evolved a consciousness’ and a ‘divinely created soul’ at the same time! Pick one!

 Consciously knowing what you believe is the foundation of sanity! You don’t automatically believe that an advertisement for a new product is actually going to live up to the hype do you? You hope that new chicken sandwich is the best thing ever and you might just go out and buy one but you don’t instantly and automatically believe the sales pitch verbatim – that would be crazy!

So which mutually exclusive choice do you actually believe? Not deciding means you are not sane and believing in both is unhealthy – it’s called cognitive dissonance.

In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. From Wikipedia

Choice one: Text book science  https://science.nasa.gov/solar-system/big-questions/how-did-life-begin-and-evolve-earth-and-has-it-evolved-elsewhere-solar-system

Choice two: Created purposefully by a consciousness the full extent of which is probably beyond human understanding.

Pick one and stick with it until you want to pick the other. I am not judging you for your choice but if you cannot make a choice in what you believe then you are not sane. If you are not sane then I would advise you to get help asap!

You can change your mind in what you believe as new information is processed. That is totally cool and your right as a sane individual. Go from Saul to Paul if you wish!

Conversion on the way to Damascus by Caravaggio
Conversion on the way to Damascus by Caravaggio

I respect all decisions that are made with conscious intent. Being ‘wrong’ is perfectly fine as long as you own the ‘mistake’ as your choice. I then decide if I like your decisions and act accordingly – I judge the decisions but not the person who consciously made them (dig me here)?

I know people (one friend in particular comes to mind) who feel troubled by this world as it is presented on the screens they spend most of their time in front of. Outside of the screen they frolic in nature, appreciating the seasons, joyfully growing organic things and cooking with a real pleasure in the experience but then they read the news and are disgusted at the nature of mankind as if we are all fatally flawed and doomed.

Religion is part of the problem to people like that (not hard to see why young people are not joining the old religions anymore) and other spiritual things like channeling just seem nonsensical when there are science celebrities like Neil deGrass Tyson and Bill Nye to be the ‘voice of reason’ in this world of the nightly news horror show.

But if you aren’t happy with the set of beliefs you hold is that healthy or ultimately worth it? Would you want to die feeling relief that you finally escaped the cruel responsibility of ‘destroying the planet’ – one less ‘useless eater’ who hurt nature by being alive?

Your body and even your mind will deteriorate. Your lusts and joys will mature as you move beyond child rearing age. You ultimately won’t change the Earth beyond moving stuff from one area to another. But you don’t have to believe anything that you don’t want to, if only in the privacy of your mind.

You probably thought you were in love at some point growing up and then realized you were just horny. When you (hopefully) discovered the other facets of love that ultimately mean more than just the biological squishy bits you have a better understanding of the concept of love in general and can find a partner who makes you happy with confidence in their reciprocal feelings.

You don’t need to burn your Sha Na Na records and romance novels or be embarrassed of your tight-panted favorite Bay City Roller crush – no, that love is still valid! The child you were is still within you and can peek out when appropriate (singing in the shower perhaps)! Where this is going is that your beliefs are always valid if you believe them to be real.

I’m sure your crush on Ian number 2 of the tartan encrusted rockers from Edinburgh in the 1970s was totally a real thing – because you believed it was real! The belief that it was real then gave you the effect of it being real and Ian number 2 knew it and felt a little twinge of pain in his heart when you moved on to a real person– with a little practice in the ways of love to work with!

If you are not happy with the text book science version of how humans became to be and are disenchanted with religions you do still have the choice to believe in a higher power without being ‘wrong’. You can always change your mind but if it gives you some relief and starts you on an interesting journey then it is totally a sane thing to do. Just decide.

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts quote session 936
Seth channeled through Jane Roberts quote I found on Facebook and found quite profound!

Seth, Elan, Bashar, Ra, Kyron, Q’uo, Hattan etc are all wisdom and philosophy providers that have helped me to find a belief system that makes me happy regardless of what happens in the world or in my personal circumstances. Stuff that happens can frustrate me and I reserve the right to rage but I don’t feel that mankind is a mistake or a virus or any of that negative crap that mainstream science supports. Quite the contrary, we are all important and every person has a valid point of view.

Bashar 5 laws
5 laws according to Bashar as channeled by Daryl Anka. I did not make this graphic – I borrowed it off the internet!!

Alan Watts is my go-to listening these days which sounds funny considering that he died Nov 16, 1973 but his philosophy still inspires – a lot of us. Thanks to endless hours of entertaining and uplifting lectures on YouTube etc a whole new generation is listening to him.



Lament for the death of the indy art website

Gobzine back cover by Daz Lartist
Gobzine art zine back cover oil on canvas by Daz Lartist

Some of the art on this, my newly revamped art blog, is from things I put on my original art websites going back a couple of decades now. Most of the art and writing I did back then doesn’t hold up and it was never intended to. I’ll dump this site one day too.

Back then I was inspired by people who randomly found my work in Google image searches and friends who checked out my site on a regular basis. Now of course my friends can’t even be bothered to click the WordPress link on Facebook to read the post. They see the ‘featured image’ and sometimes politely click the like button then move on.

It’s totally cool, I don’t expect things to be like they were – I’m writing this solely for me as this is a way to get an answer to a long thought – the only thought that matters – does this work for me? Am I satisfied with my creative endeavors?

One of the high points of my internet art career was sending my art zines to people who only knew me from the internet – I broke that anonymous boundary and went from digital to actual paper in their hands. It cost me some art supplies and postage and people were appreciative of getting something in the snail mail that was actual art!

Home made publications free from censorship are great for artists!  It  doesn’t cost much to make copies,  even color  copies are  not  too  expensive for  covers etc.  I’ve sent my zines across the world!

I’m not sure anyone would even accept one of these home made paper zines these days as many people  seem to think that it is impossible that someone could send you an art magazine with no strings attached – I couldn’t even hand out a single page of art to people in a spirituality group meeting a couple of months ago! The look of fear on the faces of those people will haunt me – they were genuinely scared that I was trying to scam them by offering them a sheet of paper with art printed on it!

Gobzine inside cover treasure box by Daz Lartist
Gobzine inside cover treasure box by Daz Lartist

The title of several zines I made was Gobzine. I was the first person to use the word “gobzine” on the internet, or at least it wasn’t in Google’s search engine when I first ‘invented’ it. Go B zine “go be seen” etc and gob as in UK slang for mouth etc – turns out there was/is a much more professional art magazine using this word – oh well, they weren’t on the internet before I was apparently! There is also a persons last name of Gobzine apparently that showed up, once again, after I had started using it on the internet and was searching for my own presence.

I was the first one to own gobzine dot com but didn’t renew it after a few years, it is probably a Chinese spam site now like my 99daz dot com site became (due to the fact that it got a ton of traffic back in the day and so someone thought the domain “99daz” therefore had  ‘value’. It’s not like they just bought the rights for a year after it was a hot item it looks like they bought long term rights to that name, (a ten year lease maybe?) as if it was a smart investment.

99dazdotcom angel graphic by Daz Lartist
99dazdotcom angel graphic by Daz Lartist

Possibly the spam site makers just picked it from a pool of available domain names that used to be semi-famous as their algorithm said they had to make a dozen or a hundred spam sites to bottom feed off of the last dregs of my and other people’s hard earned SEO to make x amount of cash from advertising or something.

The jokes on them as I never monetized that site or any of my sites and none of my traffic was from people looking to buy anything haha!

The real joke is no one foresaw that independent personal art websites would evaporate when social media was invented. Corporate ‘professional’ artist websites are mostly ghettos now – artists shouting the loudest to hawk their wares and other artists are their competitors – not my scene! I’m sure you can find all kinds of great art there but you won’t find many friends.

Art websites used to be like funky little indy stores but now they are like malls with chain stores. Many of them are simply resumes – ‘here’s a list of shows I’ve been in to prove I am an artist’ (yawn).  Yes, art websites are basically now what demo tapes used to be for bands wanting a gig for the most part – not for the public.

People with art to show on the internet these days typically don’t want friends they want hits, customers and/or fans – things that are for their ego rather than for the upliftment of humanity as a whole. The website is just a vehicle for their career not an actual piece of art in itself.

I lament for those days when we used our websites as collages of art and words – I salute those of you who bought domains for your own work and especially those of you who, like me, simply wanted to add good and unique content to the internet.

(a few days after writing this I added the following!)

Gobzine.com was actually available! and with a couple of clicks from my WordPress user panel it is now mine again and directs to this site dazlartist.com – I might make an online art magazine with it!

Daz Lartist art statement


Humans love to make animal art!! From the ancients such as at Gobekli Tepe to now!


Portrait of Izzy the dog by Daz Lartist the human
Portrait of Izzy the dog by Daz Lartist the human

I painted Izzy the dog for Hollye the human! Izzy is a representation of our domestic harmony – not perfect but loving and appreciative. We will repaint the frame, probably copper and I’m going to varnish the canvas as well but essentially it’s done. I’m not going to over do it (unlike the origins of man article I am posting after the photo of Izzy herself below)!

Izzy the dog photo by Daz Lartist the human
Izzy the dog photo by Daz Lartist the human


Gobekli Tepe has tons of awesome animal carvings and is waaaay older than places like Stonehenge (6000 years older!!) It has been proposed that humans domesticated dogs 12000 – 15000 years ago which is approximately the same time-frame as when Gobekli Tepe was active. Bear in mind that history books currently still tell us that writing only started about 5000 years ago!!!

This important and largely un-excavated archaeological site, along with the Lascaux cave paintings (that are possibly not that much older) show us that animal art is part of being human and probably the one constant universally understandable method of symbolic abstraction that is still used by humans all these tens of thousands of years later.

This video on Youtube has the following blurb (I corrected some spelling mistakes)…

Published on Nov 23, 2017

Gobekli Tepe has probably explained one of the most important mysteries of all time, where and how did modern humans evolve. This is a masterpiece of work that brings ancient history to life. Göbekli Tepe’s last moments were preserved by back-fill 10,000 years ago that totally preserved it as a museum of early prehistory. The extraordinary raised reliefs, pictograms, and pillars—many over twenty-feet tall and weighing many tons—tell the story of a forgotten culture from 11,500 years ago.
The extraordinary raised reliefs, pictograms, and pillars—many over twenty-feet tall and weighing many tons—tell the story of a forgotten culture from 11,500 years ago. The prehistoric Middle East weaves together archaeological, anthropological, astronomical, and spiritual aspects of Göbekli Tepe. This is far more than a video about the archaeology of Gobekli Tepe. You need the ability to think outside the box and see the bigger picture, this ability has resulted in a fascinating and thought-provoking theory about the role of Gobekli Tepe in the rise of civilization itself.
Ok so to understand ancient cultures like Göbekli Tepe we can use an example from more modern times – our friend Pablo Picasso – still more famous than artists from all the decades since he died! Sure he liked animals too and made lots of animal art in his day but for this discussion I want to use him as an example of a mental process that we humans use called abstraction.
Pablo Picasso looked at a thing and then interpolated it into something visually different by the process of abstraction.
He abstracted from reality to create something different, often barely resembling the real thing – but we understand that his Les Demoiselles d’Avignon painting is an abstraction of (normal looking) people and African masks rather than a literal representation of disfigured people.
Pablo Picasso - Guernica
Pablo Picasso – Guernica
We can also understand (with decades of art history analysis and lectures under our belt) that the animals and people in Picasso’s Guernica painting are not portraits but abstractions of feelings, ideas, concepts etcwords alone could not convey the emotions the artist felt about the brutal bombing of Guernica – so he found a better, lasting way to get his point across.
As humans, we can often get the gist of the point being made with symbols more effectively than from a dry reporting of the facts – in fact, it appears to be a human trait that truth is best expressed creatively than literally.
Göbekli Tepe - bas relief of a fox
Göbekli Tepe – bas relief of a leaping fox – wheeeee!!! my schlong is flopping exuberantly!

What does the Göbekli Tepe fox mean? Well, there are lots of rabbit holes to follow that weave a thread through the tapestry of many cultures but that animal art is pre-historic – it was made before anything we can trace back to a common cultural root (official written history started long after they made that art)!

What do we think the Fox means? well, I’m certain some people will say it’s astronomically related, others might say it’s for fertility etc, I mean that’s a generous penis someone carved on him hehe! But maybe it was just an art project by someone, we are unlikely to ever know the truth but how much modern animal art is simply a portrait of an actual animal and how much is to celebrate what the animal means and how much is advertising for goods and services that may or may not even use animals at all?
We can reasonably guess that the animals (and other carved works) at  Göbekli Tepe are almost certainly not literal representations made by a group of like minded artists over hundreds if not thousands of years – they are abstractions of ideas – some more Picasso-esquly abstract than others.
We know ‘Picasso the artist’ as he shared himself with us, the good the bad and the abstract – but we do not know the people who built and worked at making Göbekli Tepe which is the most amazing pre-historic art work discovery of the past 20 or so years.
Göbekli Tepe - bas relief of a vulture (and more)
Göbekli Tepe – bas relief of a vulture (and more). The Vulture is believed to represent the vehicle of the soul (to get to where souls go after death presumably).
I’m pretty sure that the archeologists have figured out the when but in order to know the who and the why they made Göbekli Tepe we have to adopt a philosophy and make assumptions based on educated guesses.
Humans are human – what makes us human now is what made us human back then – I do not subscribe to the theory that things like love and loyalty etc were somehow evolved from a ‘lesser’ set of emotions based on survival.
I am also not going to believe that stone age people didn’t play with their pets and friends, fart, laugh, appreciate the curve of a fine boob and buttock, get randomly horny, get fucked up on some chemical substance occasionally and/or sat around discussing abstract concepts such as the purpose of life – those things are all part of what makes us human – not everything in antiquity was a serious fear-based duty born from grimmest survival!!!
It has been proposed that beer was invented (or at least mass produced for the first time) at Göbekli Tepe – yeah, we all know that beer was the way the first agricultural civilizations saved the calories from wheat (that could have spoiled otherwise) but Göbekli Tepe is stone age, thousands of years before agrarian societies were previously said to have existed.
History books say stone age man was a nomadic hunter-gatherer but beer is one of the foundations of stay-where-you-are-and-grow-stuff civilization! If you can drink your calories and get some kind of pleasurable altered state from it – then the things associated with those states will come into existence.
It was greasy pizza at 2AM Saturday morning on the strip in Carbondale Illinois circa 1992 for some of us but back in the stone age you also would have to had some place you can safely drink beer in without worrying about a sabretooth tiger killing you for the practice to have continued. And seriously, you think they just drank it for the calories? 🙂
Terrence Mckenna proposed that humans had a whole different societal structure (than the history book beer/agrarian hierarchical top-down patriarchal etc etc culture) based on abundant psychedelic mushrooms (that typically grow in environments moister than that required for wheat). Could it be that as the world became dryer around a mini or full-blown ice age perhaps – that society shifted it’s attitude as it did with it’s intoxicants?
I mean we know the difference between some stereotypical drunk jock and a stereotypical hippy tripping out on ‘shrooms right?
Some of the huge T shaped stone formations at Göbekli Tepe have been interpreted to be abstract human figures – arms are caved on the sides for example to give credence to this idea. They also look like abstract mushrooms right? Sure, maybe it’s an abstract of the male force (phallic) as they do stand in circles which we can thusly interpret as a female symbol.
Is it possible that there are multiple intentional levels for the abstraction? Just throwing things out there as right now the field is wide open for speculation on the reasons for the why Göbekli Tepe has so many stone circles with stone T-shaped megaliths.
Fertility rituals? Some kind of momento-mori? Did the energy of the stones cause the wheat/beer to increase it’s potency? (this type of idea of energetic enhancement of matter has been proposed as a reason for the great pyramid by the way).
Here’s my interpretation of why the fox was carved at Göbekli Tepe.
The area was a safe zone from the wild animals. They had a serious ceremony of appreciation – ‘we are thankful that we don’t have to hunt or gather today and that we have built this safe area to play in’ then intoxicants were distributed and people did their thing. 
Dancing, making love, sitting around laughing maybe even some kind of sports but the people who took intoxicants that lasted a long time and made you unable to just sit down and generally fidgety needed something to do that they could focus on while they were in their altered state.
An altered state where you are too altered, well you just sit there tripping out – too drunk and you don’t really create anything but a mess but if you hit that zone, fucked up but focused – you could easily work on carving a block of stone – it would feel great to move your body while you focused on a project for hours and hours!
Luckily I am an artist and not anyone ‘serious’ but art doesn’t have to be serious and neither does history – maybe they made animal art for fun and appreciation!!!

Where is the elephant mural in Peoria?

Someone in the world asked this question in a search engine and found my blog (this post is for you oh searcher!) – I hope there are more elephant murals in Peoria than just the ones I have done!

Elephant mural Peoria by Daz Lartist
Elephant mural Peoria by Daz Lartist – this was at the Studios On Sheridan and still is there but I painted over it when I left. I remember one First Friday (when the public is invited to tour the artists studios) some little child exclaiming it was awesome!

The idea of painting large animals like elephants is very exciting to me. I wonder why ‘cave men’ did not paint larger, life sized, animals – maybe they did and I have only seen pictures that do not provide the actual scale? I will have to research this.

Elephant mural Daz Lartist home studio 2017
Elephant mural Daz Lartist home studio Peoria Illinois 2017
This was the first mural with elephants I painted – Speakeasy Art Center Pekin (now closed I believe – probably gone forever)

I even did a more abstract elephant motif on a mural – I should try something like that again one day as I really like his style!

Elephant motif on Speakeasy mural by Daz Lartist
Elephant motif on Speakeasy mural by Daz Lartist

I randomly put these elephants on the wall in the last days of my stay in this studio!

Elephant and dinosaur mural at Studios-at-sheridan in Peoria by Daz Lartist-
Elephant and dinosaur mural at Studios-at-sheridan in Peoria by Daz Lartist – in pieces in my garage studio now.

Appreciation of the human as art!

Some people paint, others make music, some dance and some are overtly the art just by being themselves! We are all imbued by the breath of the creator and thus are all beautiful art and while, to our human senses, our beauty is solely ‘in the eye of the beholder’ one thing we can agree on is that it takes someone else to appreciate the beauty for it to exist beyond our own definition!

Appreciation is what makes art exist! 

My love Hollye wrote a great poem today about beauty (click here) and I am the lucky one who can appreciate it every day!

Appreciation of the human by Daz Lartist - oil on canvas slightly manipulated in Photoshop!
Appreciation of the human by Daz Lartist – oil on canvas slightly manipulated in Photoshop!

1950s artist and model from old movie

art is good

Michelangelo drawing of man fighting lion
Michelangelo drawing of man fighting lion

The world of smell

Smell is a vibration that animals experience far more richly that humans do. I was thinking of this as I randomly swirled this art tonight!

The world of smell by Daz Lartist
The world of smell by Daz Lartist
Dubbo critter by Daz Lartist
Dubbo critter by Daz Lartist

Below are the latest phases of my murals at Studio C in Peoria Illinois.

Dandelion allegory mural -by Daz Lartist
Dandelion allegory mural -by Daz Lartist
Mermaid mural - by Daz Lartist
Mermaid mural – by Daz Lartist
Studio C Peoria mural by Daz Lartist
Studio C Peoria mural by Daz Lartist