Figurative paintings

I like to paint allegorical figures.


Allegory of Imaginative Dreaming by Daz lartist


I was asked by a fellow artist what my fascination with the female form in art is.

Im not sure I have any particular fascination beyond the traditional ones, appreciation of beauty, sexual interest, that feeling of protection, pride and potential we get from seeing mothers and children. It is an innate pro-human solidarity in a multiverse of creatures! I like organic lines and shapes and the emotions we get from faerie tales where we can live happily ever after if we just believe!

One of the most interesting things about being human is how multi-faceted our minds are and I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what pushes my buttons.

That exploration of psychology is another part of what I find interesting in art and the female figure is often the most complex motif to decypher. We all see the figure through the filter of our life experience.

Luckily my experience with females has been mostly positive, so my figures reflect those experiences in some positive way.

The main reason I paint the female figure though, is because it is a tradition in art, the ultimate motif to master and a challenge for me to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors.

I like the idea of using a female figure to represent an idea.

For example the concept of ‘truth’ has been traditionally represented by a nude female. Truth is probably the main allegorical figure I use, I see a truth and represent it. For example the truth being represented in this painting below is that girls often feel a need to spontaniously pose. Obviously there is a biological and sociological reason why females show themselves off, but more than that, it is art in the purest form.


Moonbeam dancing girl painting by Daz Lartist


I was driving by the park near my home when I lived in New Jersey and there was a group of young people chatting , one of them happened to jump on a rock, make a momentary pose and then jump off. It was totally spontanious and for one brief moment she was the star, her friends were the audience as was I. It was a moment of art that transcended the everyday and I wanted to pay homage to that moment in a painting. The other figures represent things too but it is obvious who is the center of attention!