Fine Art Plans

As an artist not tied to a local, national, internet or any scene except my own I am totally free to work on art that other artists cannot – I don’t create for you, I do want your money, at least If it is enough so that I can quit my shitty day job, but I will starve rather than alter my artistic vision to knock off something quickly for a little bit of money.

Quit asking me to paint something for you, fuck you. I don’t work for you unless you can pay me what my art is worth and you don’t value art enough to do that – do you know how many years I’ve worked to hone my skills and how much i’ve sacrificed to be good at art? This is brain surgery and rocket science – not baking cookies – go spend your stack of twenties elsewhere – when you are willing to pay what my art is worth then we can talk.

Scale does not scare me, in fact I want an opportunity to do something monumental such as Sistine Chapel ceiling size – only without so many nekkid mens – or if nekkid mens, have them with giant schlongs – none of this (no pun intended) half assed Michelangelo repressed homosexuality art, nope, maximum length veiny foreskin clad penises, limp, hard, flapping in the breeze just wherever and whatever the composition muse guides me to do.

I fear no critic and while I’m sure my brain is just as riddled with insecurities and fears as our friend Michelangelo, I don’t have the establishment or peers making me censor my work or thoughts – I will paint what I mean not what you want merely to get myself some grocery money. Luckily for most of you, my vision of art is not male nudes or erotica.

I prefer the female nude but I’m not looking to celebrate our physical selves as much as I am looking to celebrate our collective hearts. I totally subscribe to the idea that we are reflections of God and celebrating ourselves is to celebrate God – that’s a healthy attitude to have and painting people, nude or clothed from the most mundane genre scene to the most outlandish erotic fantasy is always a worthy endeavor – but it’s not my vision.

Bashar, who we are told is a channeled alien entity, once said (and I paraphrase) ‘artists start simple then become complex and then when they are advanced they work simple (but it is masterpiece simple)’. I understand that a giant ceiling and walls art project hardly seems simple but the simple part is the feeling your get from the art – I want this to evoke feels ya dig?

I want your heart to swell and burst like Joe said in one of my favorite movies.

Just stay tuned and I’ll show you what I mean soon.