These are basically for me but if you want to hear Bashar talking over the Doors etc for 45 minutes then click the top link and if you want hours of podcasts I made with inspiration from Bashar, Eckhart Tolle, David Wilcock, Gregg Braden, David Icke, Jello Biafra etc mixed with Monty Python and SNL skits etc then click the 2nd link for my box archive!

Here’s the awesome book by Elan “Your Power on a Plate”

So how come I’ve got a post about being a flat Earth believer AND am into Bashar and Elan who is a channeled extraterrestrial alien? I don’t know except that Bashar says that “paradox is your friend” – it is the point of power as YOU (consciously have to) decide when both seemingly contradictory and mutually exclusive choices are presented to you (and somehow this makes me happy)!

I am curious to see if there is anyone else on Earth (I don’t already know) who finds these links useful? I got the idea for the mash-up podcasts from the mighty Radio Tiki who I listened to with delight (and still do)!

If someone has a link to a list of the amazingly funny Son of Cliche MP3’s (I no longer have my CD I bought of all the shows) I would appreciate it!


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