Biography of Daz Lartist

The not really super-heroic but sort-of interesting origen of DAZ

Pt. 1 Childhood…..


Daz is a nickname I was given when I was a mere slip of a youth growing up in the south of  England ( and I still use it to sign my works of art )

I was born on The Isle Of Ely in the UK

I then lived in Exeter in the UK When I was around six years old my folks sold our house,

bought a camper and we traveled all over Europe.

These are my first memories,

France, Spain, Pisa, Venice, Yugoslavia, The Grand Tour!

I think my sister got sick so we had to return to England after six months or so, but it was a great adventure.

My consistent memory begins with living in sunny Exeter (on the river Exe), in the south of England. I wonder what happened to my old friend Timothy Braddon?

I was (and still am) an avid reader,

devouring Enid Blighton’s novels

and Action Comics….(NOT the ‘wimpy’ American version!),

and Action’s successor, the mighty 2000 AD that is still huge in the UK.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time, Action comics was a British boys weekly, that I read religiously right before I left Exeter England for Hong Kong.

It was selling 180,000 copies a week until by issue #36 it was banned after public outrage pressured wholesalers to demand it’s demise. This was the only British comic to be banned since the EC horror comics flap in the 1950’s that caused a ‘ratings’ code to be put on all American comics.

Action reappeared as a watered down version and ultimately disappeared but by then I had started reading a new comic by the talent that formerly wrote and drew Action, 2000 AD, which started to feature Judge Dredd in issue #2,who, as you might know, became the most popular character in British comics to this day.

Why is this important? Because, for all the severed heads and limbs (Hook Jaw, a gory Jaws), Nazi cunning and pathos (Hellman of Hammer Corps, a Nazi tank commander),and outright disregard for innocent bystanders (Dredger, a CIA type), I don’t feel desensitized to human life nor do I underestimate the reality of death.

All those stories about spinball ( a bloody version of the movie Roller ball) didn’t influence me to ride a motorcycle and the utterly awesome ‘Kids rule OK’ didn’t influence me, too much, to disrespect authority, well maybe hee hee!.

All this coincided nicely with the punk rock thing, and must have made some people really think that society was crumbling all around them. All I know is that I enjoyed reading and gained quite an appreciation for art.

Do I draw or write ‘hard boiled’ fiction now or draw gorey pictures with sharks biting people’s heads off? No, that’s kids stuff.

I was in the cub scouts for a few weeks when I was 8 or 9. The place was a church that was next to my house, on church street. We would have to run from one side of the room to the other as the scout-leader/fascist would yell either “port” or “starboard”,

I did not understand about the supposedly beneficial paramilitary training…

And I still don’t care to know which is left or right, hey I’m not a sailor!

Anyway, I was unfortunate enough to join right as ‘bob-a job week’ started.

Contrary to how that sounds it had nothing to do with catholic priests

as job actually meant real chores and a ‘bob’ is English slang for some denomination of coin.

I remember literally working my fingers to the bone,

pulling weeds from some old ladies yard, wishing I was doing something else.

I quit the cub scouts soon after, and never looked back.

I occasionally meet people, like my old air force buddy, Diamond Dave

who were eagle scouts and tried to explain to me how difficult it was to become one and what an honor it, apparently, is.

Sadly there is little love for an overgrown boy in a quasi-child’s uniform and most eagle scouts become ‘Al Bundys’

talking about their glory days before they are even legal to buy alcohol.

I quit several things after the cub scout fiasco , including

the English church system

(Church of England or Methodist, can’t remember which one tweaked me off enough to quit),

and the Transcendental Meditation ‘guru’ who was so uncreative that

he gave the same ‘secret’ and supposedly unique word to me and my sister (see youdle page!) , what an idiot!

There are lots more examples, as we all have,

but I am proud to have discovered the courage at an early age to decide whether something is worth being a part of or not.

I feel that too many people are so conformist that they lose their identities and can only talk about TV shows and brand name products.

I pity those people, I do not pity the mentally challenged, but I do pity the mentally apathetic.

Although my parents got divorced in Hong Kong I remember it as an idyllic time. I rarely felt out of place there nor was I bored, and I made a promise to myself to learn how to draw that I have kept ever since.

Life was good in England, I was enjoying watching Space 1999, Dr. Who and The Muppet Show, there was girl up the street who showed me her vagina, and there were plenty of caterpillars to collect……Suddenly

we moved from Exeter to Victoria Peak Hong Kong,

then shortly after to Repulse Bay.

I went to school at Stanley Fort School where my dad was my teacher for a semester.

I lived in Repulse Bay, and also in Aberdeen, Hong Kong ( If you saw the Van Damme movie “Bloodsport”, you’ll remember him running across those boats there..)

My friend Richard Winton and his brother Edward (“Wod”) encouraged my creativity with our homemade comic books.

We read ‘golden age’ sci-fi novels and copied the style of Marvel comics (Jack Kirby rules!) and wrote columns in the vein of Stan Lee (‘Nuff said!)

Richard and Wod were unusual as their mother was American  and they had been to The USA

little did I know that I’d end up American.

The first music I remember hearing was The Beatles, my mom was one of the origional fans, yea!!!

I listen to a lot of music during the week,

mostly punk rock with a smattering of old-school rap and heavy metal.

occaisionally i listen to 50’s do-wop.

I always liked do-wop music,

at least the greasy 70’s version Sha Na Na did on their tv show.

I didn’t get to hear ‘real do-wop’ for years to come, thanks to WMXJ in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

I remember telling my new friend Alex Speed  in Hong Kong, ‘yeah we all listen to Sha Na Na’, he looked at me like i was a moron

and suggested i check out some band called Led Zeppelin.’Ouch’! (I loves me some Led Zep) Years later, i was vindicated in my unabashed love for Sha Na Na when The Dead Milkmen released their classic “In Praise of Sha Na Na” and even today people still talk about them and everyone knows Bowzer!

My friends and I made our own version of the greasers from NYC and recorded our renditions on cassette tape (mono of course and hopefully lost for ever!)

For the record, the first ‘band’ i was ever in was a Sha Na Na cover group – Baa Na Na. God, how embarassing! but it fits my twisted theory of syncronicity….

i believe that if there is a heaven and i decide to stop by

( during my voyage into deep space in my Giant Killer Death Space Robot,

boldly going where no cool artist has gone before),

I will also, simultaniously, be in a do wop band there.

Maybe not my own band, but a guest singer with the Harptones or the Spaniels.

i think i’d rather be in the audience with a cold beer when the Del-Vikings played…

Sha Na Na always ended their show with a cover of The Spaniels “Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight” a hit for Pookie Hudson and the guys back in the 50’s.

Do you realise that the Spaniels put out a 40th aniversary album and still sing?

Anyway, as many of you know, i live in Peoria illinois, unfortunatly so does Matt Hale the leader of the racist “Church of the Creator”. Well, i think he’s in jail in chicago now, actually…i’m no expert on anything but i know one thing the Del Vikings made some of the best loved songs of the 50’s and still play concerts with the surviving members today and they were a racial mixed group.

My guardian angel wears a full leather jacket

and sings a cheesy do-wop song

not very well, but what the hell,

sh-boom, rama lama ding dong

when I lived in Hong Kong I was officially in the C.B.A


My first spray painted graphitti! sigh!

Richard and Edward were in Hong Kong because their dad was a major in the British army and was posted there to protect the corporate interests of the U.K,

and I was there because my dad took a job as a teacher for the army brats, we wrote for some years after we left but lost contact as we grew up.

I am seeking information on former club executioner


last known HQ Bedford,England

We wrote dozens and dozens of comics centered around the mighty leader of a sentient robot empire: AJAX. The Ajaxians,( now featured in my new sci-fi story!!!) while ruthless imperialists, were as multifaceted as their enemies the Humans and the octopuss-like headed humanoid alien race known as the Meganoids (from planet Mega, of course).The plots were influenced by the mighty Sven Hassel’s war novels that we devoured with pre-pubesant zeal, classic science fiction from Azimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Herbert and Harrison (to name a few), as well as the British comic 2000AD and Marvel’s contemporary (late 70’s) line up.

We wrote back and forth and sent comics continuing the saga of Ajax and the humans ‘Sarge’ and Kidd, and I still occasionally ‘borrow’ some of Wod’s motifs…

Unfortunately we lost touch after several years (damn meganoid saboteurs!) and I’m curious to see what Wod and his brother Rich are up to these days.

My art was heavily influenced by Wod, damn that kid could draw!

please relay this message by mutant-pigeon if under radio-silence,

I am still in the trenches with my pen

and sub-cranial thought inducer,

the slimy Meganoids

have infiltrated all levels of society here

with their insidious corporations

and dictate policy to the spineless puppet governments..

This is our zeitgeist, the emperor is so naked people doubt their own eyes.

Public lands are sold like slaves and raped.

Feeble excuses for spirituality pose as religious organizations

but are merely businesses using antiquated laws and fairytales

to control the consumers. That is what we have become,


“he who buys stuff”.

It is only a few years before evil repubrocrats

cause our very DNA to mutate

to the whims of big business

A few of us have resisted…..

The Army unit that Rich and Wods’ dad worked for rotated out,

a Scottish brigade moved in and my folks split up.

The new kids brought punk rock with them. (a major influence in my life)

I now went to school at St. George’s School in Kowloon (my 6th school by then),

this meant driving under the harbor every day

and having to wear a tie, *uggh* conformity! I wrote a story based on that time period on part two. My cool friend Steven Bosworth and I stay in touch, he still carries a briefcase but was always smart enough to realise that the less work in the case meant more room for other stuff…

I moved to Chi-Fu-Fa-Yuen apts. in Aberdeen harbor with my dad.

Reached puberty and danced along with “Dance Fever” It was at this time I realized I couldn’t disco dance, but I could ‘pogo’ sort of like Sid Vicious did (jumping up and down mostly)

and eventually rounded out my dance repertoire with ‘air guitaring’.

My folks divorced and My mom married an American who worked for Caterpillar.

I moved back to Repulse Bay where I saw a lady who’d set herself on fire and leapt from her window (17 floors). Being a step-kid was OK, my stepsister was cool enough, still is! and we took vacations all over the far east, Thailand, Philippines, Guam, Truk and more.

My last three years of high school were boring compared to the first one where i was in Hong Kong. I bided my time, worshiped Ozzy and lived in a fantasy world that came true as soon as I left home…

America was quite different from the UK and HK but I am used to culture shock.

I found out that a B student in the British school system gets A’s in the American system!

No one knew about punk in my rural  high school,

but heavy metal is a universal language that I was fluent in.

I wrote rock music trivia quizzes and drew a comic strip for the school paper

“Joe Blood – Intergalactic assassin”

until I was kicked off  for the infamous “Eata Fetus Week” incident.

These days I’d probably be forced into counseling,

put on corporate drug therapy and become a statistic

on an FBI database of potential terrorists.

During our Junior year at Illinois Valley Central H.S.

My best friend Jim and I had decided to join the Navy instead of going to college.

The Navy recruiter was a ‘wanker’  so we went across the hall to the Air Force and signed up.

I was pretty much stuck in the suburbs with no transportation and a step dad who rarely talked to me, so other than seeing lots of heavy metal concerts i did little in high school except draw and listen to music, air force basic training was a breeze compared to living at home…

A few short months after I graduated with a ‘medal’ for my grades (rank 22 out of 1 hundred and so),

I was in basic training in Lackland AFB Texas,

then off to ChanuteAFB in lovely Rantoul Illinois. for technical school.

I was digging the Billy Idol album with ‘Catch my fall’ on it until a friend introduced me to the Ramones and Flip Side magazine, which began my transition from heavy metal hero to hardcore punk fan.

Me and Jim origionally wanted to go through basic training together but couldn’t but we met up again at the technical school, one day while driving home to Peoria I totalled Jim’s car and could have died, i still have scars…

I arrived at my first duty station (bloody and bruised from the wreck) Columbus AFB in mysterious Columbus Mississippi And I soon grew to enjoy where I was at. After all, the south was pretty exotic to me being from England and all.

I was in the United States Air Force for 4 yrs until I was honorably discharged. I will admit that I didn’t join the Air Force out of any patriotic duty,

more like way the hero in Robert A. Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” joined, and since I was considered a security risk (as i was born in England )

I didn’t have a very complicated job

( I was pretty much a straight A student in High School and expected to learn computers or something challenging)

and I knew pretty quickly that I couldn’t do that job for 20 years,

but since I was 18 and had my own money, life was good!

Me and CJ (aka The Almighty MC) are the guys squating at the front….

this fine website is just part of DARRENCOX.INFO

Biff and Daz recorded the 1980‘s in excruciating, scatalogical detail….

including years of speculative discourse on Diamond Dave’s hemeroids….which is part of

The not really super-heroic but sort-of interesting origen of DAZ

Pt. 2 The angry, well, confused anyway, Young man…..


The Biff and Daz tapes: from 1985 to 1992 Russel Biff Brown and Darren Daz Cox recorded spontanious origional songs, skits and life experiences. Biff wrote 400 origional songs too…..


cast of characters:

Daz : spanning air force years to college in Mississippi to college in Illinois. While in the airforce he became a dj at the local college, a formerly all girls school, The ‘W’ in Columbus Mississippi where men were out-numbered 6 to one or more and 5yrs later, like an idiot or a man on a quest, left for a bigger college scene, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois. Amongst these years Daz decides to become and artist.


Biff : song writer, guitar picker, scatalogical genius. same story as Daz except Biff got married and a real job instead of going for it to be a musician, not that he made the wrong decision, just different paths.

Diamond Dave : hemeroid encrusted roommate of the two above.

While in the air force, I lived in the dorms at first and made lots of friends including Russell “Biff” Brown a fellow Illinoisan.

He had alot of cool records and could play guitar and write songs, he introduced me to The Cure and The Violent Femmes.

We would record imaginary radio shows and made a punk band called Lead babie (pronounced Led like in zeppelin) and recorded spontanious songs and commentary (WFUK Redondo Beach California) that was a lot like my current favorite internet radio show, The Great Radio Tiki Experiment, which is coincidentaly (or syncronistically if you prefer) also from Illinois.

Somehow, now that i look back at it, i was compelled to be some kind of ‘activist’ at least i felt it was my duty to let it be known where i stood when the president, my boss, made it clear that he was insane enough to consider using nuclear weapons, and Lead Babie (because the metal, lead, is heavy and protects from radiation) had a strong anti-nuke theme through out it’s history of 5 or so full length tapes of songs, click herefor a typical punk song we did (I’m lead vocals, Biff is on guitar, the bagpipes and assorted sound fx were added later!).

Biff later reprised the punk rock in a band called 3-Man, adding several songs with non-ska trombone solo’s and somehow, against fierce competition, won the Carbondale Illinois Hangar 9 battle of the bands,

Click t he link at the top of the page for lots more Biff and Daz Mp3’s!!!

Biff broke up that band and made a ‘supergroup’ from the local musicians called Groove Swamp

(sort of a funk / Primus type band) and won the next Battle of the bands too,

a feat that had never been done before.

There’s a link to free Groove Swamp mp3’s (way better than my stuff) above.

Meanwhile, back to my Air Force history, after a while me and Biff and a guy from supply “Diamond” Dave Flemming got an apartment off base and had alot of parties.

We started listening to the local college radio station and became real dj’s literally on the spur of the moment when ‘our hero’ Galvanized Gary, a wussy heavy metal dweeb, gave a plea for dj’s to come up to the station one day and relieve him, or people who wanted to become dj’s. We hopped in the Torino and signed up!

This was a fatefull moment in my life as i finally found something i loved to do and was pretty good at.

Dave quit being a dj after a while, Biff became one later

but i did it consistantly for years and loved it.

I started to hang out with the local college crowd

(and other cool civilian types) and soon realised that the military wasn’t my bag.

(this page and all my daz history stuff needs to be reworked I know!!!!)

Biff and Julie 

I did this painting as a tribute to their love.

I was studying  the mannerism phase of the renaissance at the time.

here’s the cover to the rare unreleased ep of “Alien Song” I painted.

Biff is currently recording a new cd and asked me to do the cover art!


the ghost of John Denver is flying over our heads,

like a gigantic blimp in the sky.

Biff was a musical genius, still is, and has the rare knack of spontaneous songwriting

that has entertained human beings since the dawn of time.

he is or rather he was, back in the day, a sick and disgusting pervert who

delighted in describing, in excruciating detail, his or anyone else’sass and excretory functions.

So if you find that sort of stuff amusing, and who doesn’t!, you might get a laugh out of this

spontaneous masterpiece of a song called ALIEN SONG

(click the MP3 link at the top of page for lots more Biff and Daz stuff!)

Somewhere on the planet named Earth

In a place known only as Disco Dan’s Dungeon Lounge

sit a group of musical geniuses known as “Steel Teeth”

Biff is the songwriter and vocalist ,

Mr. Bill is the lead Guitarist,

Rico “All Purpose” Wildman is the keyboard player,

Keys Dees aka Disco Dan is the producer

Daz is a contributing lyricist and visual artist

there are empty beer cans here.

Daz encourages Biff to sing a spontaneous song about space by reading his cheesy poem…

(Daz speaks)

What we need is a galactic war

yes, a battle with human hating aliens from outer space

gnashing fangs, blaster-packing droids, the threat of annihilation.

(Daz explains that it’s unfinished and then asks Biff to write a spontaneous song about aliens destroying humanity , but in a happy way)

(the poem was supposed to suggest a way for humans to unite in brotherhood, pretty dumb idea huh! I kinda got that idea from drawing all those Ajaxian war robot comix with Edward “Wod” Winton with props to his brother Richard and I ‘spose mark “Smellygrots” Elliot and his sister, the origional “Sexetary”) There is a story based on those days here.

Hey, this is proof that me and Diamond Dave Fleming really did this.

Being in the military was paradise compared to living at home, but I didn’t fit in there, luckily all my friends were misfits too….

We were driving around with a dead, bleeding, real-live armadillo on my cool ’73 Gran Torino.

It blew up, the car, not the armadillo, as I was driving back to the base after Sears tuned it up.�

They said they weren’t responsible and I have boycotted Sears for over a decade now….

Amazingly i was given a ’72 Gran Torino Sport (below) right after that happened!

Me and Dave were goofing around at Luxipalila Creek and found the recently dead armadillo�

then drove back onto the Air Force Base (after sobering up a little)

and over to Mitch “Gorb” Braswell’s house where he took the pic.and, Gorb, I won’t forget Picks truckstop by the Alabama state line either!!!

“DIAMOND” Dave was a DJ at WMUW 88.5 fm with me, and I gave myself the ultra-dumb on-air name of “DEBONAIR” Darren (more on that later in my bio).

Dave went crazy and left for Pittsburg to be a garbageman or alcoholic, whichever payed more. Kinda funny, as Biff ended up in PA….

oh and you can hear me and Biff and Dave (nine hours of origional recordings in a continuous random loop) on my radio station here!

this fine website is just part of DARRENCOX.INFO

Jane-o-la, aka

which is the 3rd part of

The not really super-heroic but sort-of interesting origen of DAZ

Pt. 3 Love…..


While in the air force, i fell in love with a girl who heard me on the college radio station where i was a dj in my spare time, after I got my honorable discharge I went to that college full time.

I had taken a few college classes at night on the airforce base but hadn’t given any thought to what major I wanted to shoot for.

I decided to become an art major at a former all-girls college “The W”

because my girlfriend was one (a girl and an art major) 

and I still drew as much as I did in high school and before.

We had a great time experimenting with art and I had a  radio show playing heavy metal and punk rock of course.

here’s Lynn aka Fish (my ex-fiance) (punk artist)

Jane-o-la (her best friend and still my friend) (goth artist and DJ),

and Vik aka Megaton Mx  (a punk DJ). I took the pic,

right after I was discharged from the military  (fun times!) 

Jane and Lynn were art students at the “W” in Columbus MS, a college that used to be an all girls school back in the old-school segretated south.

Me and Biff signed the lease to rent this house

and lynn stayed with me and Vik had the extra room

That scumbag still owes biff money…..

Vik was immortalised in the song “Couch Potato” by 3-Man, you can download some 3-Man songs on my MP3 page.

Jane-O-la was also a Disc Jockey at WMUW 88.5 FM. with me and Diamond Dave (and Biff was too, later on),we are both graphic designers now and still listen to The Smiths and The Dead Milkmen, Ultra Violet  was the souths answer to gothicness and she is still gothically inspired…

…occasionally our musical tastes would overlap,  I wish I hadn’t been so closed minded, I totally missed out on Joy Division, but caught on years later… 

Now I am a little more tolerant of music that isn’t ‘punk’ or require Ronnie James Dio on vocals. ( I Played endless Black Flag and Dead Kennedys! ). I think we all agreed on Social Distortion being cool..

Here is the list of the songs i played on my last radio show at 88 Plus…

 The Rogue, Pamster, Chela, Corinne, The Prophet (Amy B), Carl “Cess” Poole, Michelle Elmore (The famous photographer!) and ‘The Groovy Chick” are other cool people from the “W” I’m proud to say that i know!

Lynn aka Fish

(below is a conversation between Me and my artist friend Claire on an IM one night talking about this pic of Lynn)

(C) omg i want her pants!

(D)  she wrote my name in a heart *sigh*

(C) how old is she inthis pic?

(D)hmm 17 ot 18

(C)  i cant getover her pants

(D)she was the coolest punk chick at this formerly all girls school where i did a radio show on the weekends when i wuz in tha airforce

i played punk music and she listened to my show when she wuz in the dorms

(C)  thata is so cool

(D) yeah, first night i met her i had blood running down my arm from a tattoo

we were the epicenter of the punk rockerz in columbus mississippi and then one day it all went to hell like sid and nancy only instead of killing her i just left her and then found another chick  and so on and so on

oh well, i just remember the good schtuff now!!!


(C) thats good

Purple Mind Fungus Experiment

The characters include, me, aka Daz aka Debonair Darren on WMUW 88.5 FM, Diamond Dave aka himself on on WMUW 88.5 FM, Vik (The Anti-Christ)aka Megaton MX on WMUW 88.5 FM, Jane-0-la aka Ultra violet on WMUW 88.5 FM, Lynn (my fiance at the time, Lynn’s cousin Jo, and Fred-I-E. I cannot reveal why me and Freddy are laughing in my living room under the solitary black light bulb in the ceiling, but if you listen to the MP3, you’ll figure it out, but what we were on isn’t the important part. The reason is breaking through the barriers of space and time and reality, being a tourist in those parallel aternate dimentions and maybe bring a souvineer back… ok so me and Freddy were too intoxicated to drive unlike Jo and Lynn and Jane and Vik and Diamond Dave, so we were stuck in my house laughing and watching the walls melt. We had several boomboxes, stereos etc and a wealth of things to listen to and ways to record ourselves, so while I played a tape of me and Biff, who wasn’t my roommate at this time as I was living with Lynn (awwww we were so happy) and then recorded, on a separate tape deck, me and Freddy talking over the Biff and Daz tape playing in the background, then, when the tape we were recording on ran out, we played that tape in the stereo where we previously played the Biff and Daz tape and put a fresh tape in the recording deck. Actually Jane was in on the first tape and left early, when Lynn came back, without Jo, but with Vik, we had recorded ourselves talking over ourselves like 4 times or so, this was around 1989 so i don’t remember things too clearly (I was a wild and crazy young man just out of my 4 yr enlistment in the air force).

here’s Pamster and Ultra Violet in the WMUW studio!

Cathy Daily aka The Groovy Chick wasn’t someone in my usual circle of friends, she was a graphic design student (something i became much later on ) and utterly beautifull. She was a model for print advertising and worked part time at a hippy shop where she got hippy clothes and had hippy hip friends who could afford that kind of stuff. I was a tall skinny dork with a fading pink mohawk growing out and down my back and was generally considered weird if not insane, but generally lovable and relativly harmless. We fell in love, The Groovy Chick was sweet, kind, calm and a wonderfull lover. We spent the last semester (for both of us) at the W holding hands and living the dream that only two young lovers can. It was magic.

One of our first dates was at the Government Cheese gig where me and Ultra Violet (Lynn’s best friend and by now one of mine, a relationship that still lasts to this day, I love you jane!!!) and Tim beatty aka The Rogue, interviewed the band after their gig. Lynn dropped by too. I have a couple of MP3’s of the interview on my MP3 page. Tommy Womack of The Cheese didn’t remember the gig until he heard the MP3’s *so honored to talk to such a great musician who only got cooler after The Cheese became history*

One day after I picked some flowers for The Groovy Chick, and she put them in water on her desk in the graphic design room of the art building, we noticed that some caterpillers had hatched and we called Biff who was on the air, playing new wave/alternative music, and he set about asking the listeners to name the caterpillers. You can hear a couple of MP3’s of this on my MP3 page and on Daz Radio.

Sadly our plans had been set in stone and involved us moving away from the comfy nest of the W. We left on good terms and tried to continue a long distant relationship but it didn’t work and eventually lost touch, my fault. I was heartbroken but my heart knows, still, after many failed relationships, too many of them reminding me of what happened with Lynn (and I’m not saying it was her fault, we were so young..) and too few of The Groovy Chick (or I’d be married) that love is real and can last if you simply are together *sigh*.

ok, so then I went to skool at S.I.U, then i was a bum in Florida then a starving artist back in the town where S.I.U was and then I moved back to Peoria Illinois after my stepdad died of cancer and then made a really cool company called Riverfront Media.

And to all of you nay-sayers who doubt the Theory of Syncronicity, I just put up my own radio station (with DJ Disaster‘s help!) and who emails me out of the blue for the first time since i’ve been on the net, but Lynn, the first girl I ever loved, who found me by hearing my radio show back in the mid 1980’s….

..and I even got to speak to the Groovy Chick recently, who, like Lynn, is still doing her art, loves cats, and living happilly ever after yea for them! *hugs*

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I did many paintings in my

starving artist days.

  People have asked me

why I never “finished”

or sold any of them.

Well, at that point in my life

art was all I had

and I felt that making money

off of them might “jinx” me.

Also, I could barely afford paint

and I had to use bed sheets for canvases,

so no one would have bought them anyway!

I began my “Starving Artist” period as soon as I left S.I.U in Carbondale for Ft. Lauderdale, there I finally felt like a real artist and after a year I came back to Carbondale, dirt poor and lonely but with a sence of purpose.

“Her Totem was a Bear”

I’ve studied alot about art

and I know that I’m no genius

like the old masters,

but no one will ever convince me

that my art is not as valid. 

I sweated, bled

and literally starved

for my art.

(ask Travis Neighbors or Brian Sutton or Christian Eisenhauer)

  this page is part of

come to think of it, I’m a starving artist again, i have a day job that barely pays my bills, my apartment is wall to wall paintings and creative projects….

of course now I have the internet and even a little business called Riverfront Media and a lot less angst…..


Here’s me (with a very weird look on my face for some reason) back in my

starving artist days

posing by a typical type painting i did back then.

This painting is in mixed media on a bed sheet thumbtacked to the wall.

It  represents the non thinking fantasy world created by “the media” (i.e. tv, movies etc.)

clashing with conscious imagination (i.e. from books) 

and subconscious imagination (as in dreams). 

I did a lot of paintings like that!

my favorite painting is the one i can’t see

somewhere on the walls of a hut in Tahiti

the last mortal act of a soul so completely

absorbed in itself that it reached majesty

those tangible dawbs that remain should inspire

us all to strive for our truth

i know what my favorite painting looks like

even though there was never proof.


I was the legendary Urban Gauguinthe smog and the rust gave me my tan.

One room in the projects far from Tahiti

a warzone with anti-whiteman graphiti.

The sun bleached a tie-die

I made for a curtain

as my friends all wished me much fame

and they’ll never let me forget it

I’m certain,

but now it just seems kinda lame!

An artist can look at a pretty girl and see the old woman she will become.

A better artist can look at an old woman and see the pretty girl she used to be.

A GREAT artist can look at an old woman, portray her exactly as she is,

and force the viewer to see the pretty girl she used to be, more than that,

he can make anyone with the sensitivity of an armadillo

see that this lovely young girl is still alive,

imprisoned inside her ruined body.

He can make you feel the quiet endless tragedy

that there was never a girl born who ever grew older than eighteen in her heart.”

Robert A. Heinlein

(via his cool character Jubal Harshaw

in the classic Stranger In A Strange Land)

I’m not quite to the GREAT stage yet,

but if anyone can, it will be me…


Previously, four long pages before this one, I had moved from the UK to Hong Kong to Peoria Illinois to Texas (for basic training) to Mississippi to Carbondale Illinois to Ft. Lauderdale….

After I left Florida for Carbondale again, I was literally a starving artist, but I found a job I could walk to and continued to paint and study art. Biff was finishing up college and his wife was pregnant and he was generally too ‘grown up” to hang out with a dreamer like me anymore *sigh*.

I was an urban Gauguin and really stuck to my ideals on art. My cool friends Travis Neighbors, Brian Sutton & Christian Eisenhauer made a potentially

depressing situation into a positive creative time, thanks guys. But eventually poverty started to inhibit my creativity.

So when I had a second chance to get a degree I had to take it.

I finally obtained my degree in Graphic Design at Bradley University in Peoria Illinois. Bradley U. is a little too conservative for my taste. A great education though.

To paraphrase The 80’s movie “Making the Grade” 

“It’s not necessarily a good education, but it is an expensive one,and that has to count for something!”

During college I was an intern at lakeview Museum which will become a multi-million dollar showcase on the riverfront here in Peoria, after that gig I worked at a local independent photo-lab that had a graphic design dept. My boss was a goofy guy known as DJ Disaster who I found out also was a huge RUN DMC fan so we became friends and later business partners in a company we founded called Riverfront Media.

DJ Disaster is happilly married with 2 kids, but i am destined to walk the lonely street of dreams as Whitesnake (cheesy 80’s hair metal band) once said….sigh…I could go on for days about my failed romances, crickey it MUST be me, either I’m pug-ugly or annoying or poor or too nice I just don’t know….I am kind of a dork i suppose, I even made a website for the Peoria Area Green Party , I joined the Green’s a few years back after Jello Biafra did. Now I have learned to not be political (long story).

We started out with a goal to make video’s, commercials, graphic design etc and eventually added a recording studio and online radio station….actually we have 2 stations now, my personal one (all origional crap of course!) is here.

I didn’t mention much about my family (whom I love!) but I made a website for my sister to showcase teddybear art here and send her a GLOMP! My mom has some wonderful photographs here.

me at the Riverfront Media studio’s

DJ Disaster and I even built the soundbooth at the RFM studios.

We also make music and rap (not quite as good as good ol’ Run and D, but it’s fun). We put some techno/hip hop songs we made from loops in Acid on (i think it’s gone now) under the name Homer Simplex, and amazingly made the dance charts in Germany!!!! we never saw a dime from our brief moment of fame, but i think that proves how damn cool we are if we can do that and Never listen to techno!!!!

Homer Simplex also records occasional live radio shows on the Riverfront Media radio station, with hilarious results, you can hear some rebroadcast clips on DAZ RADIO.

I love making music, hell my best friend and I have a recording studio! I wish he would concentrate on his origional music more than trying to become a giant media company though….to be continued….

Darren Daz Cox’s History will continue….

I started making this website in 1997, wrote all the HTML myself and have finally settled on the server as a host, it’s pricey, but worth it i feel, after years of  FTP and a dozen ‘free’ hosts (some of them are still out there with the dregs of my old stuff, Tripod, Geocities, Freehomepage, Angelfire etc etc) I think this is the best way to quickly publish my art and ideas almost instantly for the world to see, wow.. my old dotmac account was daz99cox so there may be some references to pages that no longer exist as this site in in flux!

this page is part of

For more info on me hit the links on the top of the page, they are all my things, I’m paying for this site and server space so there are no ads or blind links!

I did many paintings in my

starving artist days.

  People have asked me

why I never “finished”

or sold any of them.

Well, at that point in my life

art was all I had

and I felt that making money

off of them might “jinx” me.

Also, I could barely afford paint

and I had to use bed sheets for canvases,

so no one would have bought them anyway!

I began my “Starving Artist” period as soon as I left S.I.U in Carbondale for Ft. Lauderdale, there I finally felt like a real artist and after a year I came back to Carbondale, dirt poor and lonely but with a sence of purpose.

“Her Totem was a Bear”

I’ve studied alot about art

and I know that I’m no genius

like the old masters,

but no one will ever convince me

that my art is not as valid. 

I sweated, bled

and literally starved

for my art.

(ask Travis Neighbors or Brian Sutton or Christian Eisenhauer)

  this page is part of

come to think of it, I’m a starving artist again, i have a day job that barely pays my bills, my apartment is wall to wall paintings and creative projects….

of course now I have the internet and even a little business called Riverfront Media and a lot less angst…..