Choose one – random mutation or divine being – not choosing is unhealthy for your mind

Animals play by Daz Lartist
Animals play by Daz Lartist

Science (mainstream text book teaching) vs Spiritual – which one do you really believe when it comes to describing who you really are and why you are alive on Earth now?

Many people just think they believe both simultaneously in a wishy-washy grey area of non-committal, after all, modern culture has made this Orwellian doublethink almost de riguer.

faith not quite as effective as bullet-proof glass

Even the spokesmodels for the epitome of ‘the triumph of science’ aka ‘astronauts who walked on the moon’ were mostly all members of masonic lodges and freemasons require a belief in a ‘Supreme Being’ for members!

Freemasonry strongly encourages its members to belong to an established religion, although that is not a requirement for membership (only that a candidate profess a belief in a Supreme Being). (from here)

I am not espousing any ‘conspiracy theories’ on this blog post as I wrote all my feelings on that idea on this other blog post (if you want to go down that rabbit hole with me).

I do want to use this dichotomy of fundamental ideas to help us clarify what we actually do believe – as you can’t simultaneously be ‘a random mutation in an infinite and expanding universe that evolved a consciousness’ and a ‘divinely created soul’ at the same time! Pick one!

 Consciously knowing what you believe is the foundation of sanity! You don’t automatically believe that an advertisement for a new product is actually going to live up to the hype do you? You hope that new chicken sandwich is the best thing ever and you might just go out and buy one but you don’t instantly and automatically believe the sales pitch verbatim – that would be crazy!

So which mutually exclusive choice do you actually believe? Not deciding means you are not sane and believing in both is unhealthy – it’s called cognitive dissonance.

In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. From Wikipedia

Choice one: Text book science

Choice two: Created purposefully by a consciousness the full extent of which is probably beyond human understanding.

Pick one and stick with it until you want to pick the other. I am not judging you for your choice but if you cannot make a choice in what you believe then you are not sane. If you are not sane then I would advise you to get help asap!

You can change your mind in what you believe as new information is processed. That is totally cool and your right as a sane individual. Go from Saul to Paul if you wish!

Conversion on the way to Damascus by Caravaggio
Conversion on the way to Damascus by Caravaggio

I respect all decisions that are made with conscious intent. Being ‘wrong’ is perfectly fine as long as you own the ‘mistake’ as your choice. I then decide if I like your decisions and act accordingly – I judge the decisions but not the person who consciously made them (dig me here)?

I know people (one friend in particular comes to mind) who feel troubled by this world as it is presented on the screens they spend most of their time in front of. Outside of the screen they frolic in nature, appreciating the seasons, joyfully growing organic things and cooking with a real pleasure in the experience but then they read the news and are disgusted at the nature of mankind as if we are all fatally flawed and doomed.

Religion is part of the problem to people like that (not hard to see why young people are not joining the old religions anymore) and other spiritual things like channeling just seem nonsensical when there are science celebrities like Neil deGrass Tyson and Bill Nye to be the ‘voice of reason’ in this world of the nightly news horror show.

But if you aren’t happy with the set of beliefs you hold is that healthy or ultimately worth it? Would you want to die feeling relief that you finally escaped the cruel responsibility of ‘destroying the planet’ – one less ‘useless eater’ who hurt nature by being alive?

Your body and even your mind will deteriorate. Your lusts and joys will mature as you move beyond child rearing age. You ultimately won’t change the Earth beyond moving stuff from one area to another. But you don’t have to believe anything that you don’t want to, if only in the privacy of your mind.

You probably thought you were in love at some point growing up and then realized you were just horny. When you (hopefully) discovered the other facets of love that ultimately mean more than just the biological squishy bits you have a better understanding of the concept of love in general and can find a partner who makes you happy with confidence in their reciprocal feelings.

You don’t need to burn your Sha Na Na records and romance novels or be embarrassed of your tight-panted favorite Bay City Roller crush – no, that love is still valid! The child you were is still within you and can peek out when appropriate (singing in the shower perhaps)! Where this is going is that your beliefs are always valid if you believe them to be real.

I’m sure your crush on Ian number 2 of the tartan encrusted rockers from Edinburgh in the 1970s was totally a real thing – because you believed it was real! The belief that it was real then gave you the effect of it being real and Ian number 2 knew it and felt a little twinge of pain in his heart when you moved on to a real person– with a little practice in the ways of love to work with!

If you are not happy with the text book science version of how humans became to be and are disenchanted with religions you do still have the choice to believe in a higher power without being ‘wrong’. You can always change your mind but if it gives you some relief and starts you on an interesting journey then it is totally a sane thing to do. Just decide.

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts quote session 936
Seth channeled through Jane Roberts quote I found on Facebook and found quite profound!

Seth, Elan, Bashar, Ra, Kyron, Q’uo, Hattan etc are all wisdom and philosophy providers that have helped me to find a belief system that makes me happy regardless of what happens in the world or in my personal circumstances. Stuff that happens can frustrate me and I reserve the right to rage but I don’t feel that mankind is a mistake or a virus or any of that negative crap that mainstream science supports. Quite the contrary, we are all important and every person has a valid point of view.

Bashar 5 laws
5 laws according to Bashar as channeled by Daryl Anka. I did not make this graphic – I borrowed it off the internet!!

Alan Watts is my go-to listening these days which sounds funny considering that he died Nov 16, 1973 but his philosophy still inspires – a lot of us. Thanks to endless hours of entertaining and uplifting lectures on YouTube etc a whole new generation is listening to him.




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