Lament for the death of the indy art website

Gobzine back cover by Daz Lartist

Gobzine art zine back cover oil on canvas by Daz Lartist

Some of the art on this, my newly revamped art blog, is from things I put on my original art websites going back a couple of decades now. Most of the art and writing I did back then doesn’t hold up and it was never intended to. I’ll dump this site one day too.

Back then I was inspired by people who randomly found my work in Google image searches and friends who checked out my site on a regular basis. Now of course my friends can’t even be bothered to click the WordPress link on Facebook to read the post. They see the ‘featured image’ and sometimes politely click the like button then move on.

It’s totally cool, I don’t expect things to be like they were – I’m writing this solely for me as this is a way to get an answer to a long thought – the only thought that matters – does this work for me? Am I satisfied with my creative endeavors?

One of the high points of my internet art career was sending my art zines to people who only knew me from the internet – I broke that anonymous boundary and went from digital to actual paper in their hands. It cost me some art supplies and postage and people were appreciative of getting something in the snail mail that was actual art!

Home made publications free from censorship are great for artists!  It  doesn’t cost much to make copies,  even color  copies are  not  too  expensive for  covers etc.  I’ve sent my zines across the world!

I’m not sure anyone would even accept one of these home made paper zines these days as many people  seem to think that it is impossible that someone could send you an art magazine with no strings attached – I couldn’t even hand out a single page of art to people in a spirituality group meeting a couple of months ago! The look of fear on the faces of those people will haunt me – they were genuinely scared that I was trying to scam them by offering them a sheet of paper with art printed on it!

Gobzine inside cover treasure box by Daz Lartist

Gobzine inside cover treasure box by Daz Lartist

The title of several zines I made was Gobzine. I was the first person to use the word “gobzine” on the internet, or at least it wasn’t in Google’s search engine when I first ‘invented’ it. Go B zine “go be seen” etc and gob as in UK slang for mouth etc – turns out there was/is a much more professional art magazine using this word – oh well, they weren’t on the internet before I was apparently! There is also a persons last name of Gobzine apparently that showed up, once again, after I had started using it on the internet and was searching for my own presence.

I was the first one to own gobzine dot com but didn’t renew it after a few years, it is probably a Chinese spam site now like my 99daz dot com site became (due to the fact that it got a ton of traffic back in the day and so someone thought the domain “99daz” therefore had  ‘value’. It’s not like they just bought the rights for a year after it was a hot item it looks like they bought long term rights to that name, (a ten year lease maybe?) as if it was a smart investment.

99dazdotcom angel graphic by Daz Lartist

99dazdotcom angel graphic by Daz Lartist

Possibly the spam site makers just picked it from a pool of available domain names that used to be semi-famous as their algorithm said they had to make a dozen or a hundred spam sites to bottom feed off of the last dregs of my and other people’s hard earned SEO to make x amount of cash from advertising or something.

The jokes on them as I never monetized that site or any of my sites and none of my traffic was from people looking to buy anything haha!

The real joke is no one foresaw that independent personal art websites would evaporate when social media was invented. Corporate ‘professional’ artist websites are mostly ghettos now – artists shouting the loudest to hawk their wares and other artists are their competitors – not my scene! I’m sure you can find all kinds of great art there but you won’t find many friends.

Art websites used to be like funky little indy stores but now they are like malls with chain stores. Many of them are simply resumes – ‘here’s a list of shows I’ve been in to prove I am an artist’ (yawn).  Yes, art websites are basically now what demo tapes used to be for bands wanting a gig for the most part – not for the public.

People with art to show on the internet these days typically don’t want friends they want hits, customers and/or fans – things that are for their ego rather than for the upliftment of humanity as a whole. The website is just a vehicle for their career not an actual piece of art in itself.

I lament for those days when we used our websites as collages of art and words – I salute those of you who bought domains for your own work and especially those of you who, like me, simply wanted to add good and unique content to the internet.

(a few days after writing this I added the following!) was actually available! and with a couple of clicks from my WordPress user panel it is now mine again and directs to this site – I might make an online art magazine with it!

Daz Lartist art statement


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