Portraits don’t have to be boring!!

My friend Brendon is immortalized in this life sized oil painting I’m working on! Brendon is a creative genius who works a day job involving plumbing fixtures as do I. He trains people about the products to help our customers and I’m the guy who you get when you say “let me speak to your manager”! Like Paul Gauguin I work a day job so I can do what I want to do (paint on my own terms) and while I’m not digging the Panama canal to afford to get to French Polynesia it is not that important, it just happens to be plumbing fixtures. Painting is my career – consoling  people who expect material perfection in a capitalist society is just ditch digging.

Portrait of Brendon - oil painting mural by Daz Lartist

Portrait of Brendon – oil painting mural (in progress) by Daz Lartist

This painting was a spontaneous idea I had for our annual ‘Death by faucet’ fun contest – “I’ll paint a life-sized Brendon fighting evil faucets”! Since I was painting a dragon for another co-worker (R.I.P Shawn) and his untimely passing halted that project forever – I wanted to carry that positive energy forward and the contest was a way to do that.

Tools used, I-Phone pic of Brendon on Facebook, I-Phone pic of a cover of a Conan comic, one 10$ canvas drop cloth from Wal-Mart nailed to the garage wall (ceiling to floor), cheapest white paint to prime it, black poster paint (turns blue when diluted), white, paynes grey, brown and a couple of other oil paints, odorless paint thinner and assorted brushes.

I will add some black acrylic paint to make the spider legs sprouting from the evil faucets and add some spot colors etc, basically I have two days (days off from day-job work days) to work on this before the deadline for the contest! I spent 1 day setting the canvas up and 3 days of working on it (usually 4-6 hrs at a stretch before I’m too exhausted to do anymore)!

(I finished this painting!)

OIl painting on canvas

Oil painting on canvas “Death by faucet” by Daz Lartist

And if you want to listen to Hollye and I discussing portraits on our Arts Podcast you can listen via the embedded video below!