Being a flat Earth believer has become more entertaining than sci-fi ; live action role play the resistance to the dark cabal!

I edited this post to add more thrill power! – Daz – I also added a section at the end since I didn’t get to be live on Iron realm Media’s Flat Earth Friday August 11 2017 livestream as I had been excited to do (and they were so generous as to show a ton of my art on – thanks guys!). You can listen to the Youtube audio narration that I recorded via this link rather than read all this if you choose!!

Allegory of dreaming
The dreamer creates the reality. Mural detail painted by Daz Lartist

Currently in pre-eclipse August 2017 it appears to me that so called ‘conspiracy theories’ are far more creative and compelling than current science fiction writing. This article is my personal account of how I fell down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and how I am having a grand old time being entertained as a ‘flat Earther” because of it.

Luckily my core beliefs are very acceptable to the society I live in. I believe in the sanctity of life and of innate free will – as long as no one is hurt or enslaved against their will and most of all I believe in the ability to freely love, create and believe without censorship. All the flat Earth believers that I have listened to share a similar set of mores ; the modern self-described ‘flat Earther’ is typically a regular person like you not a tinfoil hat wearing stereotype who is deluded about science, far from it.

I do not consciously subscribe to the dogma of any religion and I do not believe that we (humanity) must suffer for the ‘greater good’. I also believe that we do not have to grimly struggle to ‘save the world’ (anymore) but that we have an obligation to deal with whatever is right in front of us (make a conscious choice at each metaphorical and literal crossroad). I cannot stop poverty but I can give my spare change to someone on the street I come across who appears to need it.

Using myself as an example of a sci-fi consumer that has access to the thousands of movies and complete tv series seasons to binge watch at anytime, I can say that I currently get more enjoyment from the ‘what if’ factor of conspiracy theories than the closed loop of a few writers imaginations.

With the paradigm of social media to find like-minded friends and with at-home movie-technology able to produce a tv quality documentary  – any idea can be extensively investigated and discussed these days. With Youtube allowing people to make money by getting other people to watch their unique content – we have a gold rush of new ideas, many of which are blatantly crap but every now and then something makes you pause and say “what if??”.

This is how I learned that there are thousands of otherwise normal people who actually think the world is flat – crazy conspiracy theory right? or does it have some truth – the arguments pro and con are discussed ad nauseam but just thinking that you already know the answers without research is the weakest position to be in (no offense intended but modern flat Earthers already know all the science you were taught and way way more – they routinely crush the knee-jerk arguments we all have at first).

If you follow corporate network ‘news’ you are already neck deep in conspiracy theories but probably don’t think you are haha! I mean didn’t the USA Congress recently investigate the literal conspiracy theory of Russian influence in the last presidency election?

I don’t watch the corporate media news anymore as I’d rather not be constantly enraged and embittered by what is presented there as ‘serious adult discourse’.  Should my ignorance of the official corporate sources of ‘news’ lead to my physical death, so be it; I believe that I have an immortal soul – I am not just my physical body or the electrical signals in my brain – I AM and nothing can ever change that.

My mind is my own property and any perceived intellectual eccentricities are my right to entertain because I am a human being (which is an expression of my soul); I have a God given right to follow my imagination wherever it takes me, regardless of how popular those conclusions may be. I also reserve the right to change my beliefs when evidence is presented – and this is what I did after researching the flat Earth conspiracy.

I am a responsible adult man who lives with a lovely creative woman and her son. I have no criminal record or debts. I have an office job and a college degree. I am honorably discharged from the US military. I am neither an activist nor an anarchist – just an artist who likes to unwind with something to tickle my brain in a creative way. I don’t have to pretend to be normal to maintain my lifestyle, in fact my identity as a great artist, like good old Vincent Van Gogh, is only enhanced by deviations from the norm!

So how did I go from the enjoyment of Star Trek and novels of speculative fiction to listening to hours of people talking on Youtube about their belief that the Earth is actually flat – not a sphere? Take the red pill – Let’s follow the rabbit hole I fell down.

I grew up with fairy tale books, reading fiction and appreciating art was always promoted in my family. The idea that magic was real and being a good kind person was rewarded with love and even riches was my first what if?

I was also one of the generation of UK children in the 1970’s that avidly read the weekly British comic book Action – so deliciously violent and gory (at the time) that it was banned (because you know, it would have warped young minds – unlike the Vietnam war carnage that was shown on tv up to a year or so before it’s publication). I loved WW2 entertainment stuff, but when Action morphed into legendary British comic book 2000AD – I was sci-fi all the way baby!

2000AD was brilliant, the highest quality art and writers who obviously loved the golden age of science fiction legends such as Azimov, Heinlein and the brilliant Harry Harrison (those last two being my favorites). The short lived (but beloved by those who read it), Starlord  was a close second. My early art and fiction was often sci-fi with a typical theme of being ‘in the resistance’ – the heroes surviving in the trenches, bravely fighting an enemy all costs.

It was no conspiracy that the reason this comic strip wasn’t reprinted for decades was because the restaurant corporations didn’t appreciate their brands being portrayed as warring psychopathic mutants haha!!

I had moved to Hong Kong from the UK soon after 2000AD was first published and one of the many other things I enjoyed was buying cheap secondhand sci-fi paperbacks from the vendor at Stanley market. Some I just liked the art on the covers but most of them I read avidly – and one of them held the first seeds of a world wide ‘conspiracy theory’ for me.

The World of Null-A was pure fiction except for the quotes and very real references to something called General Semantics – something that I felt (even at a young age) could be a very important teaching tool especially in a world full of un-sane warring people -yet it was almost completely un-used by anyone in leadership roles. It is essentially the opposite of Orwell’s ‘doublethink’ concept.

In addition to literature I also consumed music and was influenced by the artists in that medium especially John Lennon. My mum had even taken my sister and I to a transcendental meditation guru at the height of it’s popularity in the mid 70’s, but it seemed as cryptically nonsensical as the Christian church had been to me when we sampled their teachings. I have really great parents who did not enforce beliefs that were arbitrary to my health and safety so I was free to decide for myself what was the truth.

I didn’t think about much more than girls and heavy metal music ( I love you Ozzy!) until I had finished high school and then immediately joined the US Airforce. My boss was a staff sergeant we called “Gorby”, and he was one of those people you look back on and say, ‘how did I get so very lucky to meet you when I did – the timing was perfect’! The airforce was full of bible-thumpers and alcoholics and I didn’t want to be either of those, neither did Gorby.

Like Bob Dylan had been to The Beatles, I experienced a chemical opening of my consciousness to new realities thanks to that guy. I never had a ‘bad trip’ but ultimately feel that I have learned as much as I need to from non-naturally occurring sources and for the same reason that I no longer drink alcohol – the after affects aren’t worth it. I don’t smoke pot (or imbibe anything stronger than tea or coffee) anymore (for years now) but I’m not against it in any way, I basically just don’t want the hassle of hanging out with people I don’t like – it’s not legal where I live.

As a young man I had a two pronged attack against the status-quo and it’s official story of the nature of reality : the 1980’s punk rock anti-war and anti-bigotry movement and the 1960’s psychedelic – breaking boundaries- ‘open your mind’ explorations that started for me with the Revolver album by The Beatles. Counterculture music  helped me find  Maximum Rocknroll punkzine and a whole chunk of society that I was unaware of due to geographical reasons was revealed (yeah, California might be your home but it still seems exotic to me)!

The MR&R issue where I learned of the awesome Survival Research Laboratories artists – weirdly reappearing in my consciousness decades later in an Amazon tv pilot called Budding Prospects – so very cool!

Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys punk band was the first of my generation conspiracy theory writers that I loved. Putting my (very little to spare at the time) money in Jello Biafra‘s shoe during his ‘No More Censorship Defense Fund’ spoken word tour in the 1980’s was one of the finest (if only basically symbolic) donations to a cause that I have ever made. I was definitely the first (and only) FM radio DJ to play tracks from Jello’s No More Cocoons album on the air (in my local broadcast area) when it was new.

In another spoken word tour during my college years I heard Timothy Leary say that getting old and senile is like being stoned on really good sensimilla all the time – an entertaining ice-breaker for a speech but also made me re-think my concepts of aging. I appreciated that reminder that I could be open minded enough to adopt a new belief about something I had been taught the contrary to as being a fact (if only by omission).

When I look at old people now (like the cast of Ricky Gervais’s show Derek) it makes me think that I can understand how they can just quietly sit in silence for most of the day – day after day – they aren’t just feeble and incapable of doing anything else – they are actually as high as Ringo recording Yellow Submarine, maybe higher haha) And thank you Bill Hicks for that reference !!

I also distinctly remember being introduced to the concept of synchronicity as written about by Carl Jung. I have seriously thought about and observed that idea of meaningful coincidence ever since (that was 1989 – around the same time I pronounced to ‘the universe’ that I would become a “great artist”).

It was Art Bell in the 1990’s that really opened my mind to the incredible scope of classic conspiracy theories. The only books I had read on the theme were by Erich von Däniken and they weren’t all that compelling. Sure, I had seen on tv The Bionic Man, The Bionic Woman, The Hulk and probably Alice from Mel’s Diner all fight bigfoot – but I had never heard of ‘JFK’s magic bullet’, remote viewing and other secret government stuff or even the paranormal as a seriously researched thing at all. My dad had actually given me a book on the strange math of the great pyramid but I didn’t understand what it meant then (that guy was a conspiracy theorist way before it was cool haha! but that’s another story).

What fascinated me the most were the accounts of life after death in a non-religious way – great entertainment at the very least, especially when all I had in my starving artist years were art supplies and a radio. At one point in my staring artist years circumstances in my life appeared so bad that I contemplated suicide but the second I did that a Jehovah’s Witness knocked on the door and I had to laugh – it was just another synchronicity moment of course. Things like that cemented my beliefs of having a soul and having a soul makes you a little less fearful for your temporary life here on Earth!

Once the internet became a thing and I wasn’t quite so starving, there was Art Bell’s website and disinfo dot com for conspiracies but I preferred the even weirder places  where they showed (like the movies ‘Faces of Death’) gory pics of WW2 (that we never got to see in the official books), suicides, accidents etc and boobs of course but eventually, before even Facebook started, I had seen enough of the gross stuff.

When I saw, via an FTP site, pictures that looked too real to be faked of a ‘Mickey and Mallory’ type couple who had dismembered a guy and posed naked with his bloated purple body parts, I knew it was time to move on beyond mere titillation.

The internet provided many playgrounds for an artist like myself along with role playing games that I still enjoy. I made 3D digital art in Secondlife, was an online DJ and created hundreds of websites (I owned about 100 domains at one point – most of them just for my personal creative work). This  gave me several 15 minutes of fame resulting in nothing (except my ego getting stroked) and eventually it all became boring. I said I wanted to be a great artist not necessarily rich and famous – be careful what you wish for haha!

I tried being a member of the Alex Jones forum crowd but the single mindedness of each person there (over a decade ago) frightened me – it felt like one of those horror movies where insane people were just yelling the same thing over and over from their dimly lit cells – they couldn’t hear you. There was no consensus, just madness, I left that scene quickly, shuddering. I revisited Alex briefly during the last USA president election, just for the entertainment of seeing Mrs Clinton do prattfalls but the apparent conclusion that it is always someone else who going to ‘save us’ sounds just like another boring religion to me.

I finally found the work of David Wilcock about a decade ago, it was brilliant, it was positive, his crowd were lovely people, often with open minds! I had to move on when David started repeating things that other people told him as facts instead of his own investigations (the last straw was the video of him dismissing the idea of a flat Earth with an obvious zero amount of research) but I still enjoy his early stuff. I listened to and/or read the work of Whitley Streiber, William Henry, David Icke, the mighty Dannion Brinkley and eventually found the work of Bashar.

It was these people (especially Bashar) and their crowd that helped me find peace inside – to understand at at a core subconscious level that that this reality is not a random obstacle course. I knew there was something more than mere observed reality and proved this to myself by taking many ‘crazy’ leaps of faith where synchronicity saved me each and every time – but I wasn’t happy until I cracked the eggshell of zeitgeist ego programming.

It was The Law of One, the Seth material and interesting people like Alan Watts as well as  Bashar that gave me the tools I needed to understand that I was creating my reality, not just a victim of circumstance.

So how did I get to believing that the world was flat after decades of conscious study into the nature of reality? I could have stopped searching and have been a happy new-ager but like Cypher wished he hadn’t done in the Matrix – I took the red pill; I put the sunglasses on!

They Live – the metaphorical scene of seeing reality for the first time.

Here’s an answer you might understand as to why I even looked for a rabbit hole in the first place. Why watch when you can participate right? Online role playing games such as World of Warcraft became so popular because you are doing something fun with others, being someone bigger than just your normal self, having an adventure – winning!

Are the conspiracy theories that I believe to be true just a way for me to live action role play being in ‘the resistance’ like the WW2 heros, Arnold in The Running Man or (most importantly) Rowdy Roddy Piper in the ultimate conspiracy theory movie of all time – They Live? -maybe!

Or maybe, by finding the actual truth of things we might be able to affect a change in this society that isn’t taking care of it’s citizens. I mean if NASA really is just making Photoshop images of Star Trek looking planets and passing it off as an excuse to suck 50 million dollars worth of taxpayer money A DAY from our pockets, I’d like to bring awareness to that as I don’t really care about going to Mars even if Total Recall is one of my favorite movies of all time!!  What I do care about are poor people, having experienced the desperation that it can bring about first hand. That’s where I want my tax money going – we can explore the boundaries of the universe with my tax money once everyone has a home and healthy food etc.

running man
Being into conspiracy theories is as close to being Running Man protagonist Ben Richards as I’ll ever be haha!

So flat Earth, isn’t that just for crazy religious people or something? I mean you, as a civilized modern citizen of the world, can’t just diss someone for their gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual preference, disabilities etc but you can unleash sweet bigoted prejudice against an entire group of people you don’t even know without any guilt when they are labelled “flat Earthers” right?

It is now perfectly acceptable by society, from former-President Obama on down to the common man, to be a complete bigot towards a person who doesn’t just accept that the Earth is a sphere (or pear-shaped oblate spheroid as is now the ‘official’ shape of the Earth). My question in looking into the flat Earth conspiracy was why does this belief make other people into bigots? Why so much hate towards people that might be mentally ill, under-educated or just have made legal religious choice?  Civilized people don’t throw insults to someone wearing a yarmulke, a hijab, a bindi or a turban – we know these are just symbols of beliefs that are different – and some belief choices like those of Rastafarians or those of native Americans you might even wish that you had because they seem cooler than your own!!

Mr. Obama using flat Earth as a derogatory statement when NASA can’t even use Photoshop correctly to keep the size of the continents the same from one year to the next. Stop now or you’re gonna fall down this rabbit hole as these “Earths” are from NASA and you can see with your own eyes that they can’t possibly be photographs (unless the continents changed size)!

So I set out to see where this anti-flat Earth bigotry was coming from and it appears that it is the result of Science being treated like a primitive religion. Science should always be open to questions and revisions without those questions being treated as heretical in this modern era, But from the reactions you can get it appears to be exactly that – a heresy or at least a taboo to even question the shape of the Earth these days. 

Only religious heresy or breaking a taboo can elicit the type of instant knee-jerk negative reaction from your friends that you get when you break them. It’s not even the type of taboo that has any basis in the health and safety of society like incest or cannibalism are. Heck, murder isn’t even a taboo in this society if that tells you anything about our collective morality. Yet people seem to think that questioning something your senses tell you is one way (Earth feels flat and still) but science tells you is something different (we’re spinning around on a ball at breakneck speed!) brings out the inner Tomás de Torquemada in many people – convert or die you heathen !!!!

Anyway, I’m not writing this to convert anyone to changing a belief that doesn’t matter in day to day life, quite frankly, some people can’t handle the truth but the first hero I ever tipped my cap to was the child who exclaimed “The emperor wears no clothes!!!”

So this is my flat-Earth coming out statement as was suggested that the listeners write by the good people at Iron Realm Media. I listen to their “Flat Earth Friday” livestream (or archived stream) and have found that they are regular people just like me, curious about the nature of reality, concerned for their fellow citizens and have found that tumbling down the rabbit hole is a marvelous adventure. They also do experiments to back up their claims that are contrary to the status-quo – this is the good stuff ladies and gentlemen!


When the evidence of the Earth being flat and not a globe started to sink in for me I felt the same unsettling sensation that I remember from my psychedelic imbibing days; as I crossed that boundary from one paradigm to the other I felt physically nauseous and disorientated. Once over the boundary the sensation passed but unlike a chemical trip this one appears to be permanent.

I cannot unlearn the evidence that I have seen that the Earth is not what I was taught in school and quite frankly, it’s a hell of a lot more fun to be a rebel fighting for a just cause than being a random inconsequential evolved-from-slime temporary consciousness in a place that is mathematically meaningless in the grand scope of things.

Feel free to stop reading at anytime – this thought is turning into a book but it was cathartic to write it!

My conclusions so far in the quest for the truth about the nature of reality.

1. Reality is a temporary construct of your brain not an immutable truth.

The senses send data to the brain that interprets it (through filters of experience and indoctrination) then abstracts from that data to generate a fantasy you experience as reality. The fantasy is close enough for birds of a feather to conclude it is reality but it is still technically a fantasy. Using words to describe reality just results in semantic knots as people do not have the exact same feelings (pictures in their minds) as you do for the exact same words – they only have their interpretation of the words you use and words can carry all kinds of baggage.

2. Terrence Mckenna’s theory of Earth being a novelty generating machine appears to be correct as is much of what else he said.

“One of the conclusions that novelty theory leads to, in terms of its feedback into social here-and-now stuff, is the idea that culture is not your friend. That culture is an impediment to understanding what’s going on. That’s why, to my mind, the word “cult” and the word “culture” have a direct relationship to each other. Culture is a cult! And if you feel revulsion at the thought of somebody, you know, offering to the Great Carrot, or tithing to some squirly notion, just notice that your own culture is an extremely repressive cult that leads to all kinds of humiliation and degradation and automatic and unquestioned and unthinking behaviour.”

I quoted the above paragraph from here. I’m not sure he was a flat-Earther (probably not) but he sure hit the nail on the head about culture. We are constantly generating new ‘scenes’ to belong to as a society and then dumping them, just look at the trends in music, art and fashion. Even consumer products are driven by a need to ‘new and improve’ things but just try something arbitrary such as dressing like Greg Brady in 1970’s groovy gear at your office job every day (in a non-ironic way in terms of the modern definition of irony).

Flat Earth isn’t something new, it’s just the same belief of the world that people had before the first person proposed that it wasn’t flat and that was only 500 or so years ago! We couldn’t even get up high enough into the atmosphere until a century or so ago to see if the horizon dropped when you went up high enough (it doesn’t from what I have seen second hand). Hardly anyone has ever experienced a first hand visual proof of the actual shape of the Earth, no one you have ever known right?

Sure you’ve been in a plane or hot air balloon but did you even look at the horizon in a critical scientific way? I guarantee that you have never been into space and seen the Earth from outside the atmosphere so you have to trust your culture as telling you the truth of reality when you ask about it. Unfortunately the ‘leaders’ of our culture are apparently the least human by their actions – often the most petty, greedy, bigoted, shallow, murderous etc etc – we don’t have good ‘leaders’ so suggesting that the tiny group of them are working on the behalf of humanity is not logical at the very least.

BUT why would there be a conspiracy to change people’s belief about the shape of the Earth? I mean it’s either flat or round and that doesn’t stop me from working, falling in love or painting something great right?

3. I have to conclude that the deceptions of the ‘powers that be for now’ are a religious ritual of people in an unfriendly cabal.

Like I said, I’m not religious unless you count my own hybrid construction of one based on the morality that I have always felt and on rules that just seem like common sense to me at the time.

Is it a delusion of my creation to believe that there is a ‘dark cabal’ that wants to reduce the population and keep the remainder sick and brainwashed slaves? Well, if it’s a delusion it’s backed up by the perceptions of millions of other people, artifacts and shared experiences. We might all be wrong but it’s hard to deny the evidence for such a cabal.

Building 7 of the WTC – sure looked like a controlled demolition to me and probably to you too. The moon landings, I can’t find anything that makes me think it was anything but obviously staged – a total fake. NASA, man, you have to be kidding me with the obvious fuck ups of green screen, non-masked harnesses, broken fishing wire etc – it’s pathetic.

You don’t get to see through the Vatican’s giant telescope called Lucifer. Now it is called, as states “LUCI ” but it’s little tidbits like this fact that a religious group already rocked by sickening scandals wasted money on a giant telescope (instead of helping the millions of people who are poor etc) and then named it for their god’s enemy? HUH? Even the New York Times reported last year how ‘important to culture’ it is for the erecting (via modern large scale 3D printing) of part of a temple that was originally made for a ‘god’ that required child sacrifice “in the metropolitan plazas of the West”. Why? Because you worship Baal aka Lucifer? That’s not what anyone but the very tiniest minority of citizens anywhere want in public – yet the ‘powers that be for now’ literally erected temples to Lucifer recently.

Ok forget that, whatever, I’m not religious. But just try to find out some hard facts about space and astronomy and you still find references to Lucifer?? WTF is talking about in their article about the planet Venus?? “In Christian times, Lucifer, or “light-bringer,” became known as the name of Satan before his fall.” Aren’t we IN ‘Christian times’??? Whatever again, it was only written by a freelancer who opened a couple of books but the only source of the actual science info is NASA of course.

The images (note that NASA does not call them photographs but ‘images’) of the planet Venus that come from NASA are lovely Star Trek looking graphics of a spheroid planet but when ‘flat Earthers’ look through their modern enlarging devices at the sky good old Venus doesn’t look anything like a Star Trek planet except that is is roundish and in the sky. Are all flat-Earthers in a cabal of anti-astronomy by buying expensive cameras and then all faking what they see with them? That seems unlikely.

So if NASA is just bullshitting us about what the stars and planets really look like when enlarged, what are the planets exactly – what scientific evidence do we have to draw a non-NASA conclusion from?

We can start with the basics of matter, geometric shapes that molecules exhibit can be observed to be constant and make up the stuff that we call matter.  Regular table salt crystals (that you might sprinkle on delicious french fries) are made of sodium chloride (NaCl) and can be observed as being in a cube like shape. It doesn’t matter where you are but salt is a cube like shape regardless because that’s how those elements form to make a stable bond.

It can also be observed that other molecular combinations have different shapes once they become stable. Platonic solids : tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron (which is the shape of your D&D 20 sided die) have been appreciated as a fundamental part of our reality for thousands of years.

Now add in the golden ratio (you know, like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vetruvian man drawing) and look at how a fern or a seashell grows and you can see that there is repeatable math behind the building blocks of matter. Cymatics shows us that different sound frequencies can make different patterns in matter – and this concept was taken to a poetic extreme by the work of Masaru Emoto.

Imagine john Lennon dr emoto
The vibration of the song Imagine by John Lennon when sent through a water drop then frozen and then photographed by Dr Masaru Emoto. Check out the other crystals – the negative vibrations ones are not harmonious like this one which all makes sense doesn’t it? 🙂

Positive vibrations mon make prettier shapes mon!

So other than sound, what else causes vibration? Are not thoughts a vibration? We all know the concept of good and bad vibes, intuition, gut feelings etc – can these manifest into affecting tangible things?

According to many ‘new age’ thinkers the very thoughts and/or things we say have a vibration that affects our physical well being. For example, taking Dr Emotos evidence that consciousness/intent affects the shape you get as an affect of vibration in water could it be said that intention can affect the water in the cells of our body? If we hear negative things the water in our cells wouldn’t look as pretty from the vibrations as if we were hearing harmonious things – you can can see the basic concept here.

Could it be that ‘the bad guys’ are lying to us to affect our very cells with their negative vibrations? It sure makes me feel less than good to listen to their negativity on tv – no wonder they have to advertise so many prescription medications.

There are hundreds and hundreds of things that will make you say HUH? when you consciously research conspiracy theories, so what if a lot of them are garbage once you can make your own decision on what is right and wrong you will realize that you just assumed reality is what you were taught but sometimes it’s the complete opposite.

Most of us have now concluded that Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America because duh, people were already there, but for decades that was a known fact that he did- because ‘the natives’ didn’t even count as people at that time, how embarrassing now to have such a racist belief!

By the same standard that we as a society believed the Columbus story, non-whites weren’t considered people, women weren’t considered people, slaves of all colors weren’t people etc, it’s not that any of those beliefs hold up now thankfully – but they used to – some beliefs even claim that corporations are people – which no one but mainly American lawyers and political shills can even understand. Of course these are same authorities that reinforce the ‘Earth is globe’ idea.

What I am now finding out is that our belief of the Earth being a spinning globe in an infinite ‘space’ is also just a incorrect belief that time will eventually change just like the  story of Columbus has been changed to a more common sense perception.

4. Finally – there could very well be multiple parallel truths – the earth may be round and flat at the same time, after all, light is a particle and a wave right?

The double slit experiment is famous for the conclusion that consciousness affects the nature of matter – if you look at the experiment it ‘collapses the wave’ and the result if different than if no consciousness was involved – meaning that matter is directly affected by consciousness. Could it be that there are multiple realities depending on what you believed?

Bashar has suggested that each moment of reality is like a still snap shot, a 3D image with every particle of matter frozen in place and we shift through enough of these to believe that reality is constantly moving and changing but this movement is actually the same as a movie where it is just a regular sequence of static frames.

Imagine now that each frame is on top of each other and like a television, you can only tune into one show (in this case one frame) at a time. Now consider that your brain is, like the tv set, designed to block out the other frames so that you only see one single frame (tv show) at a time not multiple (this could explain a lot of paranormal and psychological phenomenon)!

Here’s an idea you may have jingling around in your brain for quite a long time after you hear it (if you are as weird as I am)! We often hear the ‘all is one’ concept from new-agers and certain religious viewpoints but never get a definition of what that actually could mean beyond a platitude. Read on truth-seeker and see if this tickles your brain (I think it was Bashar that stated basically what I am paraphrasing here).

There is only one one particle of matter – it moves so near-infinitely fast that it is in every possible position in the 3D world simultaneously and then it does it again (and again) moving just slightly slower so that it is the same particle but a different expression/vibration of it – and all matter is made from the juxtaposition of this one particle, in different phases. Why is there so much ’empty’ space between atoms? well, it’s NOT empty, you just can’t tune into that frame of reality to see it!

Yes, I am certain that one of you (or many) can (and perhaps already have) and will again re-write that statement to a more concise poetical phrase like Bill Hicks did. Yes, you have to throw away the ‘speed of light’ and gravity and all the science you were taught (but can’t ever prove), but it does, finally, give an answer to the all is one statement doesn’t it?

What it boils down to is that your consciousness – your choice– is what tunes the reality in – why let a bunch of people who by their actions don’t love humanity make those choices for you – make up your own mind about what is real!

All you have to do is just watch a few videos that can have some information you never considered before and make a choice on what you believe.  Are you so busy you can’t squeeze in a few Youtube documentaries if so how the hell did you manage to read all of this so far? Or are you just scared or what you might find in this Pandora’s box?

If you do not consciously make a choice then you are, by default, on the side of pre-emptive war without proof (remember Iraq’s non-existant WMDs – how many died for no good reason?) and of Bill Nye who says that GMO foods are good for you (since he is part of the scientific establishment). Do you really want to be a part of the current legal system where those religious people who circumcise an infant can suck his bleeding penis in front of his parents legally but an adult can’t grow a pot plant in his back yard without a swat team invading his house?

Sure, I’m crazy but i’m not THAT crazy!

Join me in the resistance it’s fun! You can start with this video!

Video documentaries like the above one by TheFullArmor OG (James) who is part of the Iron Realm Media collective of truth seekers are compelling – watch with an open mind and decide for yourself!

I had been looking forward to being a guest on the IRON REALM PRESENTS: FLAT EARTH FRIDAY’s FRINGE-CAST LIVE @ 10:00 GMT (a few hours ago) but circumstances prevented me from doing so (hey it is ‘Mercury retrograde‘ right now and that is one of those celestial forces that you can gather your own data on – and it seems to be real after my observations over the past several years).

During August 2017, Mercury Retrogrades in the house of Virgo

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and when Mercury goes retrogrades in the sign of Virgo the effects would be felt more. Emotions rule the roost bringing you into untold sufferings in life. You might get into unwanted troubles or arguments. Career would meet with lot of impediments. Communications would go out of control, you are best advised to stay calm and not to react to situations.” Quoted from here (thanks!)

I don’t know much about astrology but the effect of what we call the planet Mercury when it temporarily changes course to appear to be going backwards (4 or so times a year) seems to consistently match with what astrologers typically say about it.

In many ways the flat Earth model of the universe makes a heck of a lot more sense than the ball Earth model. How could Mercury (that we are told is merely a spinning ball of burning hot rock millions of miles away orbiting the sun) affect humans in any way? But, if it is a light in the sky that is there for a purpose because it was put there by a creator – now we have something that makes sense in a logical way.

This (new) article on mentalfloss dot com tries, and fails, to make sense of the ‘science’ vs the astrological interpretation that so many people claim as a real measurable effect – essentially saying it’s all b/s because it has to be – haha!

If Mercury retrograde DOES have the ultimate purpose of making you a better person then we also have a motive for the apparently less-than-good  ‘powers that be for now’ to obscure this from the public.

This site astrologyhoroscopereadings dot com has some really good info on Mercury retrograde and I quote from here the following. “Most of us encounter the consequences when we are not centered, aware or conscious of what is going on around us, and more often than not the culprit is that we are not acting from our heart and spirit.

Instead we are reacting from our needs, our hurts, from our buttons being pushed, or the way that we take care of others and not ourselves. In that way we act from our shadow, and that is what mercury retrograde is all about.

NOW, if tiny little Mercury can have this important of a purpose does it stand to reason that other planets, the moon and eclipses do too? IS Earth the center of the universe so that the souls, having a human experience, can learn things about bettering themselves prompted by the effects of the celestial objects?

It’s a more logical theory than the one that the science text books and ‘leaders’ propose – sorry but I’m NOT a useless eater and prince Philip Mountbatten husband of Queen Elizabeth II and co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund is, in my opinion, a disgusting ghoul who has no business being a ‘leader’ when he glibly states : “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” It’s not funny -even if it was meant in jest– it’s sickening, but it is sadly typical of the mind set of the so called ‘leaders’ of the Western world.

Could those ‘leaders’ who have such disregard for the common man  also conspire to perpetuate the lie about the shape of the Earth? How many palaces does Queen Elizabeth even need in her old age? It’s a pretty safe bet that she isn’t high on cannabis, she isn’t swinging a hammer like Jimmy Carter is and that she coddled some of the British societies most despicable characters – just go away queeny.

I’m an autonomous collective! I reject any claim upon my personage by people who claim any part of the Earth beyond a reasonable private homestead as their own! I refuse to accept your names for places on the Earth as well – I’m probably more creative and literate than you so I’ll call that mountain what I want to! I do not want to use your names, that have sinister meaning like ‘Columbia‘ – NO I refuse to symbolically obey Lucifer!  I do not want to call children “kids” either as I know where that word comes from!!!

Break the paradigm of thinking that someone else has all the answers and has already claimed ownership to this wonderful plane of existence that we call Earth.

You cannot elect a savior and just waiting around meekly hoping someone magically appears is also a cop-out – you have to be your own savoir! Just DECIDE. Put some conscious thought into what your preferences are – say out loud that you are the decider (thanks Georgie boy!), say out loud that you have a right to interpret this reality as you choose to!!!

It’s ok to be wrong, at least you can change your mind if you are but if you just allow someone else to make the decisions for you – you may just perpetuate lies!!!