Grey cat mural started!

Oil on canvas of course! My girlfriend Hollye asked me to draw a grey cat this afternoon as she has an awesome blog post of her own about such an animal! I said “l will paint you one!!”

Daz Lartist working on grey cat mural

Daz Lartist working on grey cat mural

This is basically how I prefer to paint, air guitaring and grubby as hell!!

You can’t see it as it is tiny, but I have a home made tattoo on my ankle of a grey cat who was my friend from when I lived in Florida!

I find that it is preferable to turn my mind off and let my soul/higher self guide my hand when I paint. I set an intention such as “I will paint you a dragon Shawn!” or “I will paint you a grey cat Hollye!” and then I’m a rock star on stage and the magic happens. I do not “think” as using your brain stops your soul from flowing through your body I feel!

I typically listen to classic heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest when I paint and air guitar furiously between the brush strokes. This has the effect of being a work out as well as a painting session! Losing myself in the process is best way to ensure that I am not influenced by fears or ego. My body is the channel for the art, my brain/ego ensures that I do not hurt myself but I leave all the planning to my higher self/soul (this is the direct result of listening to endless talks by Bashar!)! And if you want to hear a ton of audio collages of talks by Bashar mixed with commedy skits etc that I made go here!